Arbonne: Mediocre at Best

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I just want to clarify that not all alcohols in skincare are bad! Stearyl alcohol as well as cetearyl alcohol, oleyl alcohol, lanolin and cetyl alcohol are fatty alcohols, they act as emollient and also soften the skin and actually help in healing and soothing dryness. It's ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol denat, and methanol you should be avoiding.

Author — lalilalilaj


working at a dermatology office I hear derms say at least once a day that just because an ingredient is 100% natural does not mean it will not irritate your skin. poison ivy is natural 🤣 an irritant is an irritant regardless of how natural it is

Author — bobabooty


A dead bad person is still a bad person, death doesnt wash away terribleness...i think they lied about the "risk to immune comprimised" I think they would add it in the recalls to make it seem like it was less the company's fault and more of the cosummer's health was at fault

Author — Chel R


I propose that Blaire does a deep dive on a candy company, preferably one with marshmallows, and have Casper weigh in as a marshmallow himself.

Author — ImaNerdANDaGeek


My mom used to "sell" Arbonne (in quotations because most of the things she bought to sell we ended up using as a family to get it out of the house) and all I can say is that their products are fine. Just FINE. They're overpriced for what they are, and there are better things on the market for less.

I didn't know they had oils, too. Why are there always oils?

Edit : Oh my god how could I forget the awful 2 hour presentation my mom asked me to go to because no one else would. It was like a fucking cult and it made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

Author — Roxanne Rose


I haven’t even watched the whole video buuuuttt... An Argonne “rep” tried to sell my mom probiotics. She has diverticulitis and was hospitalized for a week last year due to an awful attack. I have helped her get on the best probiotics she can find at her local grocer (they’re like $70/month high CFU, 12+ strains). My background is in Biochem/molec bio so I know a little about science. Anyway, this lady (who is a nurse) sold her these arbonne probiotics plus fiber shakes (very dangerous for diverticulitis patients) and told her to stop taking the ones I had showed her to buy. She had an attack within a month! I found out that she had switched probiotics and was furious! She said she trusted this woman because she was a nurse but I told my mom she only wants your money! It took so much in me not to report her *ss. My mom could’ve ended up in the hospital again! F*ck this MLM 🤬

Author — madeye_


“I am simply a pyramid against pyramid schemes” 🥰 we love a good pyramid fighting to take down the bad ones

Author — Rebecca Ann


When I was in middle school, we had this “career spotlight” thing every Wednesday, and one of the people was an Arbonne seller. I was the only one in the entire room who’d heard about MLMs (the school was super tiny, class was >20 people) and I was just... violently uncomfortable for the entire thing. I don’t even know why she was allowed to tell a bunch of bored middle schoolers about how they could “””set their own hours””” and “””make as much as they want””” when they turned 18 and joined her “””small business”””’!! I was just. ugh. and was so glad when I could walk out of there and go home lol.

Author — deepwaterdreams


Okay fun fact about “voluntary” recalls in general (this goes for food too): FDA more often than not finds these problems in a product/batch and then “recommends” the company issue a voluntary recall or else they will issue a mandatory one - which has way worse legal implications for a company, so the company does the less worse thing, issues the voluntary recall and complies with FDA. My source: a good friend works in food bacterial testing/compliance :)

Author — L K


Every dislike is a HunBot. Someone please make a professional show on TV exposing companies with her as the host she'll be rich

Author — Isis Medrano


I mean by the standards of the other companies you've covered "mediocre" is pretty damn good

Author — NitroCharge 240


My mom was an Arbonne representative when I was growing up and I always remembered two things even after all those long years. 1. Her phone in the office would always ring 2. I was excited as hell when we would get groceries.

Now I know 1 is of no importance but this was preinternet marketing days but 2 was because we would go super long stences without getting food, I wouldn't get school lunches but I would have to try and scrounge together enough food from the dry pantry to make a lunch for the day, all the food we did have was the cheapest possible and I even remember having a day in health class where the teacher brought in 'healthy foods' and I tried to get as much in as possible because all I had for lunch that day was three strawberry donuts some peanuts and a small baggie of Cerritos. Now as an adult who can buy my own foods I'm over weight and binge when I can because I couldn't eat as a kid.

I also remember these gross as hell chocolate bars but that's beside the point. My mom still works for MLMs when possible and refuses to see the damage they do.

Author — Sparkplug the fox



My mom worked with them and every time I bring up MLMs she gets so defensive, and swears their products are “the best” I’ve been waiting for this video so I can show it to her and prove that the company is obviously not all rainbows and sunshine. Every time I try to explain to her the problems MLMs can cause, she swears that Arbonne is is the best company. I’m like, maybe YOU didn’t have a shit experience, but one persons does not represent the mistakes the executives made.

Edit: I showed her this video and went off on triangle mom about how she “sounds like she’s twelve”, has “no qualifications to be talking about this” and “she’s way too biased” while I’m sitting here lookin at her cut Blaire off five words into a sentence. I wanted the video to settle our dispute once and for all with a generally unbiased video, with explicit wording when it came to opinions, but my mom can be stubborn.

Not to mention she says that your subliminally brainwashing us to be against MLMs because they’re brought up on the topic of pyramid schemes and your avatar is a pyramid. *Paranoia 100*

Author — EBKits10


I feel like Bob's Burgers talk about MLM's well

In one episode, Linda keeps buying essential oils from this girl called Angie. She goes to an MM party and almost gets sucked in. But she realizes that people don't like selling or buying the oils much, it' about Angie.

TL:Dr, If you're successful in an MLM, it's about you, not your product.

Author — Lemon Arsenic


A pyramid talking about pyramid schemes.


Author — vibing minotaur


The dm to the woman with cancer made me so sick and disgusted.

Author — Anezka Voprsalova


That suit where “Carroll Neal” was named I believe that is actually referring to Debbie Neal. That’s just my opinion of course, don’t want her coming after me. I was in the Arbonne cult years ago and was in Debbie’s downline. What a whirlwind of a person. Every cult manipulation tactic was in full effect in that downline. I was seriously brainwashed and it took me about two years to realize it and get the hell out.

Edit: also I didn’t know Kat Cser was the one who who made that horrendous statement about her faking cancer. She is really propped up in Arbonne as one of the consultants to respect and admire 🤢 I’m further disgusted. Her insta is now private and she has a hashtag about standing up to bullying in her bio...

Author — Brittany Ellex


In my industrial design classes in Scandinavia we had a term called "Dristig grå" or an "Audacious gray." It is sort of a joke, because designers sometimes talk about being brave, disruptive, revolutionairy, unique and so on, and what do we produce, we produce a new grey box, or a new grey piece of clothing with straight lines. Our teachers would refer to a thing being Audaciously grey in such cases.
In a culture where gray can be considered the Audacious choice, a red tie is a wild and devil may care rebelion against authority.

A Danish fashion writer in the nineties was considered rebelious, because he allways wore missmatched socks. Now take that Benjamin Franklin, not much of a rebel now are we! :)

Author — Erik Runge Madsen


There’s a girl I went to high school with and she completely rebranded her instagram and now all of her posts are about arbonne. I really don’t care about buying their expensive teas, shakes, shampoos, or face wash that she constantly posts about. I still follow her but if she climbs into my comments or DMs trying to sell she will get the boot.

Author — Lacordry


Anyone who could be successful selling MLM products already have their own businesses selling things that aren’t garbage

Author — BeatBlaster117