How Jaggi Vasudev Became Sadhguru - Arnab Goswami With Sadhguru

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How Jaggi Vasudev Became Sadhguru - Arnab Goswami With Sadhguru 4.5
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By A Volunteer of Project Green Hands/Rally For Rivers.

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First time i'm seeing this peraon "ARNAB" is Calm & Sweet front of a humenbeing.

Author — AMITH OM


I don't care whether Sadhguru got "enlightenment" or "not". Even his spiritual journey and story of all sorts . What inspires me is His speeches, this thoughts, and vividness of knowledge of which he shares?

Author — birendra koirala


Watching Arnab smile is awkward as hell, why? INDIA WANTS TO KNOW ✊

Author — arpan das


Sadhguru has tremendous power he made Arnab smile 😂🙏🏻

Author — Darsh Mistry


Making a deal with your ignorance... Wow!!

Author — sandhya villyalath


1. A good story teller.
2. Literature student.
3. Good communicator/ orator.
4. Adventure seeker.
5. Enterprising.
6. Extremly Goal oriented.
7. Keeps calm under pressure.

Mystic or not, Sadhguru definitely is an exceptionally skillful businessman.

Author — Hemant P


First time seeing Arnab listening to someone without interruption

Author — A G


Power of Chamundi devi Temple Mysore Karnataka

Author — NEON ARTs


it's like *sisyphus* - Rolling Rock up on hill

Author — c e p t o r


I'm fro mysuru what you said was exactly true.
If you have something go up to chamundi hill.
If you have nothing to chamundi hill

Author — Athreya


Indian nationals do not need a passport to enter Nepal, other forms of ID are required. ... If you traveling by road like from sonauli or raxhaul then no need.

Author — Jitender


Does any one asks for a passport when going to nepal.... Lol

Author — Cool ng


A Realized Being.
Blessed are those who hear him.

Author — Shalabh Singh


The only thing that cooled me down from this questions was, i was moving.

(For ppl who're struggling with breakup, keep moving ! )

Author — ꜱᴜᴍᴇᴅʜ ꜱʜɪɴᴅᴇ


Probably the first time when arnab was silent and listening to other person 😂....sadguru is really awesome!!!!

Author — vishwesh Chorghade


The pink floyd among gurus. All respect to both of you

Author — JAI HIND


How come arunb can sit calm for couple of minutes when a person speaking continuously ... This is 8th and 9th and 10th wonder

Author — Kamal Thej


self realized as an young man, yet wend down the road of marriage and "wife" and kid... :) brave are those souls who marry after self realization.. Just kidding folks/Sadguru followers, this is a joke now don't troll

Author — sri nivas


The moment he finished his story, and I saw Arnab, I was *ecstatic* . Not one interruption !!

Author — The Learner


A series of epiphanies... truly inspirational ❤️

Author — Shubhra Dipta