Two Tropical Depressions may enter the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storms

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Two Tropical Depressions may enter the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storms 5

Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls looks at possible forecast scenarios for two tropical depressions that will become tropical storms. One will likely become a hurricane. More Information:

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You're good. Calm. Good explanation. I like. I'd trade you for our local weatherman here in Tampa.

Author — Bohemian Soul


Unbelievable! I've been all over youtube, all over Google, I've been to 20 weather channels from Florida to Texas! THIS man- Alan (sorry can't remember the last name) was the ONLY one who explained it in plain and easy terms! Thank you Alan.

Author — Gulf War


thank you for posting this! very informative - Meteorologist Alan Sealls looks like he knows his stuff! I really enjoyed how he took the time to explain away viewer's questions.

Author — Hector Hernandez


Very well presented, I hope to view your forecasts again.

Author — John Seger


GOAT TALK. When Alan Sealls talks, you listen.

Author — Jermaine Cole


Alan Sealls knows how to pick his ties!

Author — ChillCosmos


Double hurricane all across the skyyy, yeah yeeeah yeah, so intense!
What does this mean?
Its startin to even look like a triple hurricane!
Thats a whole hurricane man aaaah!

Author — Kapitalist Agenda


Arsenio Halls old brother Arsenio Room

Author — YOURMOM-206-