The Battle for Myanmar’s Buddhist spirit

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The Battle for Myanmar’s Buddhist spirit 3
In Myanmar, different groups of Buddhist monks are battling with how to deal with the country’s minority Muslim population. While some advocate peace, others, such as the extremist Ma Ba Tha, are stoking up hatred and violence. The Guardian visited Myanmar to investigate how the monks’ actions are threatening to destabilise the country’s newly established democracy

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Number of Buddhist Countries Down:

Indonesia - LOST
Malaysia - LOST
Afghanistan - LOST
Bangladesh - LOST....
India....- Down to 0.8% Buddhists.

And maybe in future there will be more and more countries converting to Islam and more and more countries losing Buddhism till it finally goes extinct

Author — Abhijit Zimare


Maybe the Buddhists in Myanmar looked at how Afghanistan (previously a Buddhist country) worked out and thought 'no thanks'! Power to them, better than genocide!

Author — マコト


read and compare Buddhist teachings vs Muhammad and see the difference. Buddhist is better and loving.

Author — Gabriel Luz


We Hindus are 100% confident that Buddhists are not the cause of the problem in Myanmar.

Buddhism is a very compassionate and peaceful religion that has no reason or motive to harm others. Not a single incident of violence has happened because of Buddhists in past 2500 years !!!

Author — MelodicNostalgic


"We have been here for 300 years" but 95% of them don't even speak Burmese lol. Shows you how they are in every country, they don't want to integrate, they plan on taking over one day.

Author — Leopold


The jihadi killed Hindus and Buddhists in rakhine, and now they expect mercy.
India stands with Myanmar and it's PM.



Buddhist Monks are the last defense against the Islamic plague in Myanmar...

Author — Charney Detrolly


In india also muslims declared "love jihad". Mostly targetting school and college studying hindu girls. Convert the religion name of love. Ashamed people.

Author — Handarts


i support myanmer `s buddhist, we know the how is the muslim people.

Author — Yeshi Dorjee


See those buddhist & hindu religious places in india, all are damaged, hidden, broken but how and why. Myanmar knows the history and don't want to be like indian situation in religion. Myanmar has full right to protect its religion, women and territories.

Author — Ravi Sherpa


Islam = pure poison.
Get rid of it before it kills you.

Author — Sam Bal


Buddhist are correct, support from India ... Do the good work

Author — Bangalore Central


Buddhist we hindus are with you you are our brothers love from India to monks



I live near Muslims. They are barsterds.thinking of moving away from them.

Author — Pritham Singh


If the Budhist resistance fails another Afghanistan will happen there.

Author — A S


You know once upon a time Afghanistan was full of Buddhists. All gone now. In just a matter of a few hundreds of years.

Author — Vinod Shahi


Keep the spirit up don't let those mullahs destroy your land as they did Afghanistan

Author — navylaks2


Buddhist are peace loving people, the Muslim must have done some mischief,

Author — Roque Crasto


Islam declared war on Buddhism many centuries ago.
The destruction of the great Buddhist university at Nalanda, India in 1193 by Muslim Turkic invaders.
The destruction of the Buddha statues of Mamiyan were destroyed with dynamite by the Afgan Muslim Taliban in 2001.
The Lal Ching Buddha statues and Buddhist temple were destroyed at Ramu, Bangladesh in 2012.

The thread of global Jahad is coming to Asia, ready or not Theravada Buddhist countries must on guard and prepare to protect and defend Buddhism against the danger of Islamic attacks through proxy terrorist organization ARSA and Bengali Muslim followers which is supported by Saudi Arabia and trained by Pakistan

Today Buddhism is NOT your grandfather Buddhism but still representing peace, no aggressive nature and pacifism BUT the only different is today Buddhism would never to let Miccha Ditthi Islam overrun and takeover Theravada Buddhist country Burma through proxy parasite Bengali Muslim allies Saudi/Pakistan/OIC attack and destroy Burma/Buddhism like in Iran, Pakistan, Afganistan, Malaysia, Indonesia in the past again, Therefore as every true Buddhist would fight to protest and defence Buddhism with arm forces at all cost no matter what even with there lives.

Author — Yangon Thar


Make Burma Great Again, yes you can !!

Author — Ad vittam Aeternam