The Secret Weapon: the free GTD & Evernote combo

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Thanks so much for sharing such a highly engaging video presentation.  I loved your style and approach toward sharing this information with me.  Evernote is a wonderful application and one that I have only just started using.  How grateful I am to Mathew Woodward for sharing this tool whilst teaching me about IFTTT!   I will NEVER look back.

Author — Colleen Cook


Thanks for taking the time to make this video... I watched TSW videos months ago and set up my Evernote accordingly. Put my "stuff" in there but haven't really done too much with it since... Thanks for reinvigorating my motivation to do so!

Author — mybravestface


This is mesmerizing!! Oh, & energizing!! It really makes me realize why I have been devouring info on combining Evernote & GTD, both of which I've used for years, but not together.

Author — Ann Parker


Thank for this, found it extremely useful, I am off to look at the website to start setting up my own system - thanks it was brilliant

Author — Christine Alexander-Smith


very nice video :) actually i have a passion to GTD and really you makes me love it more and more :)

Author — Shady Qaddoura


Great job! I LOVE Both GTD and Evernote, and I'm going to go check out your site. BTW if you put H T T P colon forward slash, forward slash (stupid filter wouldn't let me just type it) before the web address, it becomes a clickable link. You also can set up your account as a partner and put links in the video that click out to your site. Would probably help with conversions.

Great job on the RS Animate style vid too BTW.

Author — Corey Of The Mountain


This may be the best presentation I've ever seen.

Author — William Wood


I have used TSW for over a year now - after reading GTD much earlier. I like Evernote- but they need a few features it doesn't have. After searching all the to do lists to implement the same TSW philosophy I now use
it still has the ability to sync across all the platforms, and gmail plugins etc, but easier to drag and drop, sync to google calendar for reminders, make a project, or a series of sub tasks, and share them with people. I'd recommend it for anyone still searching

Author — Hydrocentre Hydroponics


Less writing, more pictures. You can't make a video about a system that removes mental noise if the video itself is visually cluttered and frustrating to watch... Besides that, the idea itself is great!

Author — Prean G


Thanks for the reminder to use GTD & Evernote

Author — RJ Thomas


I totally agree with what TSW is trying to accomplish as I am a GTD devotee. I went to the site and looked at all the posted videos and think that, with development, it could be a useful system adjunct. Unfortunately the system as presented leaves out one tremendously important component of GTD. Processing means taking "stuff" that is actionable and boiling it down to "actions". I don't know about anyone else, but by and large, my email subject lines rarely if ever come with actions clearly identified. So processing means reading the emails and processing them into "actions" (tasks). Without that the email remains "stuff". The context and tagging for multiple context are useful expansions of the technique, but will do little to move you to stress free productivity if it will remain "stuff". Is there a way to apply this to Task in Outlook?

Author — Draden Jones


Okay. I'm game. So this is a process? I was hoping it was an API of some sort. Regardless, I''ll check it out. On its onset it sounds like Evernote is used as the actual productivity managament system, which I would argue is fitting a square peg....UI use Evernote as my reference system. It INTEGRATES with the two productivity systems I use (IQTell and Swipes). I'm a hybrid GTD guy, I filter by context, next actions, etc but I do take due dates seriously;

Author — Nitro RC Nerds


Any possible success coming from the usage of the tequiniques described is always a side effect of a core process thet might (only might) happen.
watch Krishnamurti speak about fear (search "Jiddu Krishnamurti - Observing Fear as it Happens")
not so much fun but really descibes the core process

Author — Mic Jagger


I like to use Evernote for GTD system. Create note "Inbox", "Waiting for", "Next actions", "Projects", "Remind", "Someday/maybe", "Yearly schedule", "Monthly schedule". "Daily schedule". And then, put them on shortcut. My tip is like this. Changing "Next actions" and " Projects" from "note book" to "stack". If you need calendar, you can download from Evernote website. Sorry my bad english. Because I'm

Author — KIds You Tube


but how do I actually implement the system on evernote? the secret weapon link doesn't work

Author — Jess Bess


I'm trying TSW. Key to all such "trusted systems" is to LEARN and USE them as you would say, brush your teeth. I've probably spent years figuring out how to be more efficient, ADHD. You have to design and use. Reflection is key to TSW and GTD. Must do it every day when you have the most energy. If you try to reflect, review, when you are tired, you'll just go to sleep. Priority Matrix is another, more visual approach, and has some integration with EN and Google calendar, so it can stay cross platform. PM would bemore ofa helper app to TSW. For those like me, I need a visual system since lists bore me.

What I've learned is that everything one has or does is Baggage. That means takes thought and energy and time. Less is better. One ofthe keys for success is sticking with less. Cross platform actually can suck time. One of keys to GTD is PLACE. EN is great for collecting and organizing stuff and being a pointer. PM is more of a super project pointer, concentrator. Neither EN nor PM is great for working on stuff. I really only have one place where 90+% of stuff gets done, the office and that is mostly processing paper information. I don't need a transport system. I need more of a magnet or anchor to stay in the place and to do the work since I'd rather go out and play.

Actually, MS Entourage was one of the better GTD systems because it associated stuff with calendaring and a way to do the work. For an office processing paper information, it works. Not so much if the work is more concrete, say selling products. Then TSW is great. Mind Maps are also helpful for concept clarification, but more difficult to integrate actual work. Remembering and organizing the work is not the same as doing the work!

So, my experience is: Conceptualize, MM-)) Accumulate, EN-)) Stack, TSW-)) Visualize, PM-)) DO THE WORK.

BTW, how can one learn the cartooning! Great!

Author — Eustacius


Go to video controls ... (1) Click Settings "cog" wheel (2) turn off "Annotations" and (2) increase "Speed"

Author — Xavier Arce


TSW webpage is not working, Do you know why?

Author — Alberto Rocha


God I hate these drawing presentations with a deep and unrelenting passion, but this concept is intriguing so I will suffer through it

Author — Max0r847


you reli draw it out and rub it off with finger tips so cute

Author — Hui Popsy