iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max Hands-On

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iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max Hands-On 4.5
Today's Apple demo room felt like more of a madhouse than usual, and the clear star of the day so far has been the iPhone 11 Pro. Among other things, the Pro represents the biggest shift to the iPhone's branding since the 4S kicked off a multi-year naming trend. There's much more to this phone than just a name change, though. It might not seem like the most exciting step forward from devices like the iPhone XS and XS Max, but there are a few things here that really help the flesh-out the iPhone formula.

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Love how every year Cook proudly states “this is our most powerful iPhone”. Like they’re gonna make the newest phone less powerful.

Author — deztroyer76


Ain't nobody gonna tell the truth right there in the apple wait for your REAL review in your studio 😂

Author — Tommy Wilson


That's not an iPhone, that's an "Eye Eye EyePhone"

Author — Jeefly


the ugliest camera design on the phones apple ever built

Author — Norah Riddhi Entertainment


Everyone saying that they won't upgrade cause they have the XS max but what about the people like me who have an iPhone 5s, for me its a huge upgrade

Author — Emilio Sainz


Seriously Steve Jobs should resurrect and punch Tim cook in the face because of its design

Author — THE


Ohhh there is fidget spinner at the back🤣🤣

Author — omkar_d


Imagine buying a new $1000+ iPhone each year just to get minor upgrades...

Author — MrDawg23


I don’t know about other people, but I kind of like this phone. Maybe it’s because i STILL have an iphone 7 hah😂

Author — PerkPlayzRoblox


Meh. “Pro” but no USB type C, 64gb base storage, no high refresh rate. At least they included a fast charger. Lol

Author — Keyshawn #IsSnatchedAsf


“Pro” should have had Apple Pencil compatibility and reverse wireless charging IMO.

Author — the_paradoxical_planner


Man, what a disappointment. I used to love getting the iPhone on launch day, but now it's pointless to upgrade.

Author — Ev


I wanna see the behind the scenes. Like is there a long line of people behind you waiting to play with a phone.

Edit: also wanna see how many of these reviewers drop the model phones lol

Author — ayalin64


Still, this stupid notch, and no multitasking capabilities, what’s the point, no innovation whatsoever



This year, we're excited to introduce you the Three-Eye Phone...

Author — Nova Novaa


The notch is still there, I am veeery disappointed 😥.

Author — Badr Zh


Watch how many people get this phone just to get it

Author — Silent but Deadly


"Phone is grippier" 😂 When you have to say that, it Let's you know exactly how innovative this phone is.

Author — KING


am I the only one who thought he was launching Quake ?

Author — stageselectca


Bruh tell me why there’s a stove on the back of the phone 😂

Author — YJ 23