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In this video i have shown u how to convert image files/jpeg images to notepad by less typing

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Thank you soooo much sir. I worked out very well and within less time I completed my work. Once again thank you sir. 💐

Author — Rameeza Banu


you sir...are a maverick, a genius, a master...i bow down to your superior expertise. :)

Author — Jacob's Lair


Excellent... Thank you so much brother.

Author — Riti Pal


thank you so much, i have been trying to convert through those intelligent recognition charcters and all, thank u so much awesome

Author — Vidhi Rawle


thank you so much bro... you have become a god to me.... thank u 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — Krishna Halli


Thanks for this valuabl info. Time saving👍

Author — sachin kumar


Great efforts.. Thanks for sharing a useful info.
Will b awaiting for ur next videos..👍

Author — S Suzzain


i have seen all your videos, but curious to know about the question i have sent...cannot find answer anywhere as i m not comouter savy

Author — Anna Mall


Is that possible to hide the software usage in a text document by encrypting it with 128 bit

Author — Anjali R Shyju


osm video re! it's really helpfull thank you 😍

Author — Shali Shen


Very nice bro... Thank you so much bro...

Author — Vidhya Kendra


Brother iam suffering lot Financially. Please Give me Idea to get typing projects please

Author — Esther John


thank you so much it work for my typing job at last for submission before 1 hour there was a 3 pages

Author — minhaj bano


I cant open the image file like this ...pls help me to open

Author — VIDHYA M


I Have a Question.!
Do these kinds of company who offer people just Typing this whole story or other story again. do they actually pay the candidate? really?

Author — Aneesh Awadhiya


Will they recognize that we did in that method?

Author — Guru Sai


How can you convert image Files into notepad if that image text not written in any books

Author — satyam gupta


Thank you
it's working for some.
i have one question,
at the time of submission, are you sure that they will not detect that it is a copied text ?

Author — Daniel Balezy


I searched and did not find. Still a good idea.

Author — lulu jafna


I don't know if you're still checking the comments on your video (it's been over 4 years), but a lot of the "mistakes" you corrected were CORRECT in Notepad, and INCORRECT in the original and after you "corrected" them. In English, the first person pronoun, I, is ALWAYS upper-case, regardless of where it appears. To a native English speaker, seeing the letter standing alone, in lower case, IS JUST WRONG! (There are also NUMEROUS spelling errors. Just in the opening shot, "smashin" is "smashing". "an" is "and", "soakin" is "soaking", "rushin, roarin and shreekin" are "rushing, roaring and shieking", "crashin thru" is "crashing through", "grate" is "great" (a grate is a cover with holes, or something you grate hard cheese with), and "bust" is "burst" (a bust is a woman's chest area). I really hope you never try to teach English writing. (It's not written the way some people pronounce it.)

Author — Al Klein