A Critique of Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Part 2

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A Critique of Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Part 2 5

Hey hey!

We are back and i'm bringing you folks a far more in depth look of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The game is Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic)

I really have no idea how you guys will respond to this series and I am happy to respond to any criticisms or questions in the comment. I know that you are all likely to expect me to make more rage videos and I am on board with that :D just not sure how I am going about it yet.

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11, 000 SUBSCRIBERS!?!!? Guys, that's ridiculous, When I released the rant I was on 2K subs. You guys have seriously had such an amazing effect on my channel and how I imagine my future may change now.

I have GOOD news and BAD news;

The Good news is that after reading thousands of comments, I have seen what annoys people the most about my series as well as mistakes I have made, on top of that I have had a few requests and new ideas about what I am covering, so I decided to re-script and re-record a lot of Part 3 to integrate a lot of new stuff, I think you guys are going to enjoy how spicy it gets, so look forward to that I guess.

The bad news is that thanks to this, I am still in production on it and I MIGHT not be able to release it on the following Friday, it may be delayed, but I will release it the moment it is proofed and finished, it shouldn't take much longer than next Friday.

P.S. You can totally use "Decimated" in the context that I do, please stop commenting about it, I am using the primary definition, which is, "To remove a large portion of" - this is because decimate sounds slick as hell as a word and it fits the definition of slicing a Star destroyed in half etc. < I am totally putting a line about it in part 3 ;-)

Author — MauLer


"If Rey was grand daughter to a palpatine"

Oh boy

Author — Nuro


“You bet the survival of the resistance on bad odds”

Next movie: the holdo maneuver is 1/1, 000, 000

Author — Devin Cameron


MauLer: ''We are left to asume that Snoke is an invention.


Author — Fooballoo


“How does it feel to play the first Star Wars female villain”
Asajj Ventress: *Loudly clears throat*

Author — ParagonPoints


Not gonna lie, I unashamedly shouted, "You have the Force!!" when Kylo was supposedly being choked by that guard.

Author — TrueUnderDawgGaming


Remember when the funny little green guy going thru Luke's stuff at the Xwing turned out to be Yoda? Remember how the look on Luke's face when he figured it out as Yodas demeanor changed and the Jedi master revealed?

THAT'S proper subversion, Rian.

Author — Matt Khourie


1:22:51 "Or even the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine." That remark aged beautifully.

Author — RanMouri82


Man, whenever Mark Hamill is talking about the changes in his character, he seems really afflicted, even breathing heavily as if he is about to have some sort of breakdown. Maybe Im exaggerating, but he seems to be suffering for real, so sad.

Author — Ignacio Carballo


Funny hearing him talk about the palpatine theory after having seen episode 9

Author — St.PatrickStar


“Due to her actions, and her character.”
What character?



Fun fact, in the original star wars lore jumping into hyperspace was jumping into a DIFFERENT DIMENSION that was kinda like jumping into a wormhole to get to some place faster. This in itself had extensive lore from terrifying creatures to an entire civilization being trapped in said dimension.

It's impossible to ram ships with hyperdrive because you're LITERALLY IN ANOTHER DIMENSION DURING IT.

Author — Brandon Kim


"Why is any of this is in my star wars film?" -- THANK YOU!

Author — PiercingArrow


Poor mark Hamill looks traumatised in every interview. Jake Skywalker indeed

Author — Ayiz A


Ray is perfect.

"Who connects to that?"


Author — Dread Pirate Roberts


"The first female villain in Star Wars". Asaji Ventress started as a throw away villain from The Clone Wars that was evil because she was bad. But ended up having a compelling story as she was betrayed and struggled to find her place in the galaxy. But yet Phasma is gunna claim to be the FIRST!?!?

Author — Race


Paused at the "Hux slaps Finn" part to come down here and say that every time I see Hux, all I can think is that Molly Weasley would kick his ass for behaving like this.

Author — Tatooine92


~45:45 - To say "I bypassed the compressor!" in fixing something on the Millenium Falcon is like your car mechanic saying "I bypassed the valves!" in explaining how he got your car engine to start up. Bypassing critical equipment like that is impossible.

Author — ahmataevo


I really related to Phasma when she dropped the shields in Force Awakens and let all her comrades get incinerated. What a great character

Author — Alex Beckman


>The jedi need to die
*1 hour later*
>tHe SaCrEd JeDi TeXtS

Author — Veni Venias