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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 16, 2019 | NBC Nightly News 4.5
House votes to condemn President Trump’s racist tweets, with four Republicans joining Democrats, Planned Parenthood president removed from post following 'secret' board meeting, and NYPD officer in Eric Garner's death won't face federal charges.

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1:27 House Votes On Measure Condemning Trump's Remarks
4:17 Head Of Planned Parenthood Says She Was Forced Out
5:56 No Federal Charges Against Officer In Chokehold Death
7:46 Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Dies
9:59 Barry Remnants Cause Flooding Catastrophe
11:03 Suspect Arrested In Killing Of Community Leader
11:31 Man Who Lost Family Says Boeing Should Scrap 737 MAX
13:03 New Video Shows Plane Crash That Killed 10
14:05 Inflammation Seen As Possible Factor In Alzheimer's
16:00 Rescued Hiker Says Ordeal Began With Man Threatening Her
17:45 Still Moonstruck, 50 Years After Apollo 11

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Offcr. Pantolao heard loud and clear "I can't breathe", but continued choking, if that's not willful murder, then what is? Geez!!

Author — mello


If I accidentally choked someone to death it would be involuntary manslaughter at the very least bu this guy gets to go home to his family despite the fact he just destroyed one.

Author — roy dunn


Pelosi will do and say anything to save her own bacon. Such a FOUL foul woman.

Author — Annise C.


Just for selling single cigs and someone did not get their tax cash... wtf?!!
The shitshow called America at its finest!

Author — Hilton Hut


To Politicians: STOP your Personal Political fights during working hours wasting the Tax Payer's Money paid to your Salaries... You ware Voted to work as "SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE"... Do your Jobs right or Resign if there is still even just a little bit of Decency left in you...

Author — Anthony Crane


No charges. Smh
I hope Mr. Garner and his family can find some sort of peace, despite the officer not being held accountable.

Author — AliEvaMari


I call BS on the women's story. What's going on there I don't know but I know bull crap when I smell it. And I smell it here.

Author — chip block


So resisting arrest for selling cigarettes is a death penalty offense?

Author — สุธิดา ศรีเทพ


Why isn't that officer being charged with murder ???

Author — Who am I ? No one!


question: how can i go back to where i came from when i was born in the United States of America?

Author — zaq voir


Her husband couldn't hear her screams? How far did she need to go to use the bathroom?

Author — Corduroy66


What a waste of time and money our government is. They are all embarrassing.

Author — djkennd2


I think this white lady is lying. She just wants to publicity. To be relevant

Author — R Waller


When law enforcement made cops never getting hurt on the job their prime directive, the use of deadly force, became the new way cops police the public.

Author — ThE DuCk


I smell a married rat... They need to start questioning everyone who knows that woman's husband, and they need to find out if he's been cheating on her. Strange men don't just randomly pop out from behind wilderness trees like that, without knowing first that their intended targets will be there. He couldn't have known exactly where to hide and wait for her unless someone invited him out there ahead of time to observe her habits and then wait for her to use a convenient and familiar location to do her business. Her husband likely put that man up to it. There's little room for other explanations, when you actually think clearly about it.

Author — justrosy5


Shame on Boeing. 737 should never went back up in the air. It is too front heavy and Boeing knew it. The executives should be in jail for allowing this plane in the air because they knew it was too front heavy and they still know it. 💰 greed

Author — R Robin


She sounds high. At the same time, fishy

Author — Alex Qiu


Thanks for wasting our Tax dollars cause none of you have a spine.

Author — Dennis Wood


I don't believe that woman who got lost with her dog and got attacked by a man with a knife hiding in the woods for a second. There was no man with a knife, and he wouldn't be threatening her dog to get his way anyway! He'd just have his way with her if he wanted, and the dog was zero threat. Totally contrived story, and she should be outed for it.

Author — Peter Karig


A guy come from a tree what ever ... come on now something not right here!! . I think the brain would remember something tragic like that but a could be wrong

Author — Nicky P