A Beginner's Introduction to BASH Shell Scripting

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How to write basic shell scripts and a look at more advanced scripting for the beginner.

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Thank you, I've been using Linux Mint for a year or so. I'm just starting to play with different commands in terminal and want to learn to use them. Beginners tutorials like this for writing useful scripts is what I was looking for. Thank you again

Author — Christina Shupa


as soon as he said that he was a late bloomer to linux/bash scripting i was hooked because i am too.

Thank you!

Author — David Tovar


Joe thanks so much, this is spot on! Even the mistakes help in the learning process! keep up the great work!!!

Author — Jeremy Feather


There's something about your scripting videos that I really enjoy.

I'm a hobiest programmer, and I've written many'a script to make repetitive tasks easier, so I'm no stranger to bash. But even though this video is aimed toward beginner to intermediate users, I find myself drawn in.

Also, I find the sound of your keyboard kinda relaxing. Almost like ASMR. Lol

Author — goku14139268520


I love that you include your mistakes and show how you go about fixing them, super helpful 😁

Author — sarah thacker


Thanks Joe! Good info and glad to see you back in the groove.

Author — ophawk


You were reading my mind today. I needed a simple script this morning and had no idea how to make it.

Author — Ian Long


Dude, Joe, this was the video that's gotten a fire under my ass! I've been wanting to learn to code, for a long time, and I've been wanting to dig deeper into using the CLI. I followed the entire video, and created the two scripts you did, following the entire way. Now I'm looking for more resources, because I GOTTA learn more! Thank you for helping me get off my dead ass and do something!

Author — Smerrills


Awesome Joe ! Thanks, I like to see the mechanics of how it all works .

Author — declan moran


👍👍👍👍 THANKS JOE! I've been waiting for more BASH & Scripting videos from you. The subject matter is interesting and actually incredibly FUN to me!

And when you went (somewhat) in-depth on several points of your top 5 reasons you love LINUX video yesterday, I thought to myself "hopefully he'll release more BASH / Terminal videos".

Love that you're back doing *more* LINUX uploads. And you sound happy as well (as a side note) so hopefully your time off served you well 😬



Author — Human Being


Hey Joe, great tutorial mate ... made my life with daily system admin more efficient and effective Thanks again and keep up the great vids.. regards

Author — Loving Life


Watching this in 2021 and all I can say is that you sir have inspired me to embark on my forgotten IT Journey. If I make to the big leagues Joe Collins will receive credit. Much appreciated !!

Author — Pedro Dominguez


Coming from an programming environment, this all makes logical sense to me.
It is just a matter of learning the proper syntax for bash.

Author — Jonathan Nicoll


Thanks for uploading this i have a practical assessment due soon and needed to research and learn how to script in bash! This has been extremely helpful!

Author — Kamran Abid


I used to use the shell in Amiga-Dos on the Amiga and Xtree in MS-DOS quite a bit, a very long time ago and enjoyed the control I had over the system, I have done a little bit of scripting on Raspians shell on the Raspberry Pi, this has inspired me to take it further!
Thanks for the video Joe and the book recommendation which I will download and print if it's not too large.

Author — Andrew Hayes


enlightened and confused ; thanks. takes me back to Adam Basic (Coleco ) I was president of a club here after Coleco dumped the Adam. Bash is a lot easier cause the Net and books like the two you recommend. i got'em both btw.

Author — Rick Forges


I found this tutorial very comprehensive and a good jump off point to do some research. Thank you.

Author — Yogi Martínez


Glad to see you back at what you do so well. Teach on...

Author — huckleberry582


OUTSTANDING video, Cheers, The book is VERY well written. Even I am getting it!! Thanks again

Author — Mark G0usl


Thanks Joe, Love this and now going to learn it, got the PDF book already.

Author — Terry Wang