Best System EVER!! | Elite Dangerous Exploration

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💬 Comments

This is a really solid format for E:D videos. It's focused on a specific topic ("look at this system") while also being a very open format - we're kind of just watching you play, seeing what you find interesting and how you investigate it. It's a great balance between specificity and serendipity!

Author — Max John


this game never cease to amaze me, it's incredible

Author — JMAgr


Did you notice that while looking at the black hole in FSS you could see a sound pattern bar, no other star or body has that.

Author — Dutchess Elysium


Listening to you calculate how this system could even exist was pretty cool. I've gotta say that was a highlight of the video, really puts the stellar system in ED into perspective. The realization that Elite does a point light generation...that seemed a little farfetched that you didn't know that already, I'd heard that years ago... Very cool vid though.

Author — woscanl


If base building were ever to be available in Elite Dangerous, I'd like to have my own little tiny space hut in that system. It looks so beautiful!

Author — Incognito_Moley


WOW!! You found a star(Sun) with a ring around it. That's amazing. I have been playing ED since it's PS4 release in 2017 and never found that. ED exploration is really rewarding with patience. Great find.

Author — THTDI Inc


Yeah would be nice to see more like that exploration of weird things in Elite

Author — JackieDaLynx


Amazing video, this shows us what ED is really all about, you cant do that in any other game. Once fdev start fleshing out the space phenomena found in ED and give us access to the rest of the planet types, there will be infinte exploration fun to had.

Author — Scott Gray


When I was in that area I liked to stop by Sacaqawea Space Port. The moon is tidal locked so the gas giant it orbits just sits there off the same side of the port, although the rings change as the moon orbits at an angle to them. The real fun comes when the star moves to backlighting the gas giant and it changes colour... sometimes you get an eclipse, but if you don't you still get a great view of the gas giant. A few times I've just sat in an SRV parked on top of a building watching.

Author — Vib


I think the sound at the end is the sound that the jet cones make as the matter and energy wizzes past you at near the speed of light, if that's the noise you mean... I've noticed this myself tho it's definitely pretty interesting, if you try flying along side the cones at half throttle it gets louder. Thanks for the video man, I'll be visiting here myself!

Author — Narikira


Very cool. I just started Elite this summer. I'm engineering a Krait to explore myself. If you can link your build it would be greatly appreciated. Always interested in how people equip their ships. Great videos!

Author — Emdee 001


This makes me want to do a legit exploration once again!

Author — MacVerick


I would want to TRY and map those rings for potential mining opportunities.

Author — Draconus Spiritus


I'm still very new to the game. Only been playing about a week. Looking forward to having experiences like this.

Author — Marleyjr 00


This is late, but I recently got into this game and this is one of the places I grinded an explorer anaconda for. Only knew about it because of this video. One of my all time favorite systems

Author — Chase Laver


Noticed this a bit in your videos but you tend to use star system one level down.

A star system would be a group of stars orbiting something (or each other). So the second system you jumped into had a star system orbiting the black hole and then those stars had planetary systems around them.

Author — abb criss


We are doing a deep space expedition now heading towards Beagle Point. When we were on our way to Colonia we stopped by these site in my FC The MGX Observance. Such a cool experience.

Author — Ren Skirata


Glad to see these kinds of videos from you, it looks like you're having a ton of fun!

Author — William Hamilton


Systems like these are why I enjoy exploring!

Author — William Mckeever


**Neutron star being lonely**
**Down to Earth Astronomy approaches**
Neutron star: **flirty neutron star noises**

Author — RiseAndShineMrFriMan