How Donald Trump Answers A Question

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How Donald Trump Answers A Question 4.5


Barton Swaim, “How Donald Trump’s language works for him” (via The Washington Post) September 15, 2015

Emily Atkin, “What Language Experts Find So Strange About Donald Trump” (via ThinkProgress) 2015

Matt Viser, “For presidential hopefuls, simpler language resonates” (via The Boston Globe) October 20, 2015

Jack Shafer, “Donald Trump Talks Like a Third-Grader” (via Politico) 2015


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- Donald J. Trump

Author — Kim Booker


if I had a dime for every time he said “tremendous” I wouldn’t know what to do with that tremendous amount of money

Author — Aisyah Shofi


Dude. No one who listens to trump, would ever watch this video.

That’s the problem

Author — Alexander Lees


This was a tremendous analysis. Great.

Author — mab01


Ignoring politics, this was a really interesting and well made video.

Author — Germaphobe


He opens his mouth and compresses air at his vocal cords, releasing it with vibrations.

Author — OokileyGMR


When one uses simple language they keep the listener in their emotional brain.

Author — Jessica Barnes


I’m from the future and he just suggested we inject bleach into our bodies

Author — Joseph Stalin


I only just realised the narrator is using Trumps own style of speaking towards us, the viewer. Cool.

Author — Aaron Cassidy


This is why he is reaching out to the _average american_.. "He talks in a way I can understand".
Keep it up USA, at this point you are soo hilarious to watch from a far :D

Author — Rekis Diabetis


He won with a 4th grade reading level speech, because we are a 4th grade reading level country

Author — Carlos Aguilar


Con man argument he seem he’s always selling something

Author — Robert Chung


"These ppl are not from Sweden..." 😄 that's actually pretty funny.

Author — tha Real Mike Zee


There's a problem with how many times he's saying the word " problem "

Author — Rachel Seah


The problem is, most of the people who need to understand this, can’t.

Author — cyberspore00


I have been saying this for years. He says a whole lot of nothing. And half of his meaningless dribble is a bunch of lies. He has to back his story's with I had a lot of friends calling. Just in case we didn't believe his dribble. Now we know his friends gave him credit. At least he said they did. I have often said he sounds like an excited 10 yo. trying to explain a situation he doesn't quite understand. smh.

Author — wildernessman


Trump's default podium settings, dependent on how he feels at the time: 1. Bullshit; 2. Lie; 3. Bluster; 4.Shout; 5. Bully; 6. Froth; 7 Drool; 8. Gibber; 9. Combinations of the previous 8.

Author — DokktorDeth


Yes, look at his words. Just look at them. He's very highly educated. He knows words, he has the best words.

Author — PoisonHeadcrab


There is a tremendous hatred out there I will divide it and rule.

Author — Kam Singh


This reminds me of something I read in my history book yesterday. It's an author describing how Hitler holds a speech (as translated by me): He understands how to "hype up and engage the people, not with arguments, as they are not controllable in a hate speech, but with the fanatism of his attitude, (...) but first and foremost: with the deafening hammer of repetition, in a specific contagious rhythm. That was learned and skilled and had a horrifying barbaric-primitive simplicity." (Carl Zuckmayer, 1923)

Author — TsukiKabanoki