Cape Breton Highlands National Park As You've Never Seen Before

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Cape Breton Highlands National Park As You've Never Seen Before 5

Short feature Drone film showcasing some of the best scenery Cape Breton has to offer. Highlands National Park in Cape Breton Nova Scotia is one of Atlantic Canada's most visited places and for good reason, boasting the best views and most unique landscapes, its not a surprise people all over the world come to see its wonders!

From the famous view of Cap Rouge on Iconic Cabot Trail to the most visited hiker spot the Skyline Trail. This year we decided to showcase this beautiful place at the time of year its most known for, FALL! Cape Breton is full of color in the fall and many come in from around the world just to see this place in all its fall glory!

This is one place you wont want to miss out on before you die!

Music By: Adrian Von Ziegler
Song : Prophecy

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All Flights and access were by permit and escort in the Highlands National Park, drones are not allowed without permission and escort by Parks Canada personnel.

💬 Comments on the video

I get a little emotional every time I see videos or pics of Cape Breton and I'm not even from there.  I must have lived there in a past life or   This video is  gorgeous.   I've done the Cabot Trail three times and each time was absolutely wonderful!   Cape Breton in general is truly amazing.   Anyone who lives there should be so honored to call this gem-of-an-island, their home.   Thank you for sharing.  Very well done!!   You got lots of interesting and very creative shots!   Love it!

Author — Dog Groomer


Born and raised here, and it never gets old... What a playground to be able to adventure in!! Beautifully done!!!

Author — Charlene Rogers


Gorgeous country, keep it unspoiled.
Cette vidéo est une œuvre d'art.

Author — Jean Paul Bourgeois


I grew up here and now live in BC. It's beautiful here and all, but nothing really compares to home. You did a fantastic job on this video.

Author — Ryan Fitzgerald


It seems like a couple years since we went around the trail, but alas it has been sixteen years already. This is incredible video that we would never have seen from these vantage points, otherwise. I cannot believe that three people actually disliked this.

Author — Stephen MacIntosh


What true acadian forest looks like when it hasn't been decimated by clear-cutting. I really might just have to move to Cape Breton.

Author — Mike


I keep coming back to watch this on my exercise bike. Love the music and scenery is breathtaking.

Author — Al MacIntosh


Thank you. This is fantastic. I thought cycling around the Trail was the best way to see the Highlands... no, best is by drone. Just need one big enough to carry me...

Author — Mark Beaver


Best video I've seen yet of the park. I was up there in June of 2017 and everyone told me I needed to visit in the fall to get the full experience. Now I see why.

Author — Tim Carpenter


Amazing footage and music...Great Job.

Author — Diane Bertrand


I was there last fall. This video brings back great memories. Love the footage! Thanks for making this video!

Author — The Lost Gentleman


I'm staying there in October and I cannot wait. It looks stunning. Emotionally cleansing.

Author — Ryan Kennedy


I'm going for the first time end of August! Can't wait! Great video!

Author — Judy Fogelstrom


Cashing in 🤑 from Toronto selling house, retiring from hell to heaven

Author — Paul Short


WOW...planning a trip there in Aug. '18 ...looking forward to it. Beautiful vid !!

Author — G G Stuart


Spent 2 weeks in the Maritimes 3 months ago. Love this. Love the scenery. Love the soundtrack. Won't admit how many times I've watched it... ;) Well done! Ready to come back to Canada! <3

Author — MaireA Kelly


Spectucular, spellbinding, i could go on and on. I'm just grateful that I'm from there.

Author — david murphy


thank you so much, planning a trip in 2 weeks and love the views and the music is also for there ?

Author — Valarie Hale


I just finished a film with some shots from outside the park. Was it difficult to get the okay to fly in the park?

Author — Peter Produced


I did not grow up there but my heart is there

Author — Robyn Cullum