European guidelines on heart disease under review - BBC Newsnight

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European guidelines on heart disease under review - BBC Newsnight 5

European clinical guidelines on how to treat a major form of heart disease are under review following a Newsnight investigation.

The guidelines recommended both stents and heart surgery for low-risk patients with something called left main coronary artery disease after a clinical trial called EXCEL found they were as effective as each other in preventing heart attacks, strokes and death.

But unpublished data from the EXCEL trial seen by Newsnight has raised doubts about this conclusion.

It showed that under one definition, patients in the trial with stents had 80% more heart attacks after three years.

Newsnight also saw warnings from the trial's safety board about the high mortality rate in patients with stents. Only after the guidelines were written did the researchers publish findings that showed increased mortality - 10% of those who’d had open heart surgery had died versus 13% of those with stents after 5 years.

The trial was sponsored by US stent manufacturer, Abbott.

It's important to note that stents can still be lifesaving for some patients, and the professional body for cardiologists still back the guidelines.

Abbott said the study was designed and carried out by the researchers and the trial's main researchers stand by the trial and its published conclusions.

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Real journalism from the BBC for a change, i'm mildly shocked.

Author — AWResistance


It makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happens in sponsored medical trials?

Author — urbanimage


A study sponsored by a big pharmaceutical or medical device company was not forthcoming with all the facts? Are you serious?! Why I declare! What else would you expect?

Author — Richard Mann


I received my stent when I was 48 five years ago and I had no other serious physical ailments so now I find that my life has been endangered because those professionals involved in assessing the trials were also being paid by the stent I can`t believe that conflict of interests is legal.

Author — Ian Hay


We can look forward to more of this after the NHS is privatized
Profits over patients

Author — Vengeful Avenger


my father passed away within hours of a stent being put in :-(

Author — Johanna Lueders


What was the sample size when it got down to the 3ywar and 5year analysis. And the excluded data?

Author — Patrick Ogunmuyiwa


This is the BBC Newsnight program at their best. I saw the newsnight program last night 18 02 2020. Brilliant

Author — andrew james Bunting


I had a stent put in my left side. Back in April 21 2010. After 4 heart attacks, within 1 week. Nobody told me I could stil die from My artery was blocked 95%.
I have to say! I felt like a 30 year old!!! I was 55 then. Still kicking! Thanks be to God!!!!

Author — Biker Man


I'd be wary of ANYTHING originating in the United

Author — queenyt4ever


Abbott is known for being dodgy (ie shareholder oriented), good job the americans will not be allowed to privatise the NHS ...
Statins are a similar worrying scam

Author — David


Who cares? The UK will soon be out of the EU so their guidelines are moot to the people that are forced to pay for BBC propaganda.

Author — gilkesisking


How on the hell can be research sponsored by one pharmaceutical company whose interest is money not human health be accepted as standard guideline of treatment of one diesease. Why independet doctors does not lead research in favor of human health? All pharmaceutical companies together with sponsored doctors should be covicted to death of thousands people!

Author — R B


Neither stents nor bypasses work very well. Conversely, eating a healthy, species-appropriate, plant-based diet, works perfectly.

Author — Dinar AndFriends