Solo: A Star Wars Story: An Unbridled Rage

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Solo: A Star Wars Story: An Unbridled Rage 4.5

Well, it didn't surprise any of us but we are still sad about being farted on I would say.

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So that was something, at least we didn't expect much I

I really pushed on the editing for this one, let me know what you think. As for whats next, I want to go and cover the new Jurassic World but then we're on to extended coverage of Solo. I imagine it may take a bit of time but I will try and make it as fun as possible heh.

Author — MauLer


You're just angry it didn't subvert your expectations.

Author — Rags


You know, for someone who formed an emotional bond with a droid whose persona got melded into The Millennium Falcon, Lando was pretty chill about losing his ship in a card game.

Author — ViralAgent1


How is Chewies ammo belt "introduced" in Solo? He CLEARLY wore it during the prequels. Did the writers forget that Chewie was in the prequels?

Author — Magnus Ludvigsen


Slight Correction: Darth Maul didn't ignite his lightsabre for "No" reason...
The reason is that if he didn't do that, this would be the only Star Wars film without a lightsabre in it, and we obviously couldn't have that.

Author — Dark Hawk


"I want to restrict the writer's access to wookiepedia."

If only they had listened.

Author — McBain


So Chewbacca's backstory is that he's a monster that eats people? Chewbacca?? That's like learning that Beethoven is actually a sequel to Cujo.

Author — pCeLobster


The next spin off- the "you wanna buy some death sticks" guy's struggle up until the point when he went home to rethink his life.

Author — Jarrod Willmott


"Droid Rights". You know where that path leads? A droid uprising, then a droid defeat, then all droids get built in 4 year lifespans and Bladerunners are sent to kill any droids who talk about droid rights. If the droid uprising succeeds, we get Skynet.

Author — Bretton Ferguson


"If you make a film, to apologize for another, don't forget that it also needs to be good."

Rise of Skywalker left the chat.

Author — ConComEX


Chewbacca never said his name was Chewbacca. He said his name was [animal noises]. That's like if a Chinese guy told you his name was Chang Chao Chen and you somehow interpreted that as "Mike".

Author — Dr Shaym


"A lawless time"

If it were so lawless, why would he have to smuggle anything?

Author — LTNetjak


So when they asked for Han's name in that one scene and he said he didnt have one. But there is a scene when he mentions his dad working on ships so thats how he knows his way around ships. Did his dad not tell them there name?

Author — PoachedJohn


I heard Darth maul was in it, and when I was offered a free ticket, I only took it to see how they would add to mauls character.... I feel like they only placed him in the movie so they could get an extra couple thousand people, nothing more

Author — Jesse LaRue


"It was a lawless time"... except for, ya know, the Empire being everywhere imposing law.

Author — Xan Sabar


r2d2 was screaming in cursing the whole time about equal rights, it was all bleeped out though

Author — Tiamat Veldrin


Are these movies written by 8 year olds? I take it back. No 8 year old would think about robot sex and robot rights. It must have been a pervert adult with the intelligence of an 8 year old.

Author — Atomic Viking


“Maul is alive, rebels is Canon now” dude’s really never seen the clone wars has he

Author — Anthony Petracca


Looking like a star,
You can't stop my shine
I'm loving cloud city
My head's in the sky
I'm Han Solo,
I'm Han Solo,
I'm Han Solo,
I'm Han Solo, Solo

Author — Hope


Reminder to everyone: This movie could have been Indiana Jones in space and this is what we got instead.

Author — DovahSpy