How to Download Subtitles to a Movie 💬 5 Free Sub Sites 📕

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How to Download Subtitles to a Movie 💬 5 Free Sub Sites 📕 4.5

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Want to watch movies in the original language with English subtitles to practice your listening skills and expand your vocabulary? Then you'll definitely need subtitles!

From this video you'll learn:
(0:20) How to quickly find and add subtitles to a video
(1:09) Where to download movie subtitles for free

📑How to quickly find and add subtitles to a video📑

➤ With Movavi Video Converter as your subdownloader, you can find subtitles in seconds and embed them into a video file. Download and launch Movavi Video Converter to put subtitles to your video.

➤ Add the video file you want to add subtitles to.

➤ Click the "No subtitles" button and hit "Add". If you already have a subtitles file, click "Choose file" and locate it on your hard drive.If you want to look for subtitles on the internet, choose "Search online". Type in the name of the movie and select the subtitle language. See? Searching for Parasite English subtitles is easier than you think!

➤ If you're looking for a specific episode of a TV series, click the "Advanced search" button and type in the season and episode numbers. This way, you will find Game of Thrones subtitles, or Peaky Blinders season 1 subtitles in a few seconds. Click "Search" and select one of the subtitle files. Hit "Download and add". Finally, click "Convert" to embed the subtitles and save the video.

💬 What are the best websites for subtitles?💬

This subtitles site has a large database with lots of popular movies and TV shows from all over the world.

Open Subtitles is one of the biggest sources of free subtitles on the web.

If you want to download subtitles for the latest TV series, TVsubs is definitely worth a try. It is a huge database of more than three thousand TV shows across different genres.

A good website with subs for the most popular movies and TV series available for free. Note that subtitles are provided only in English.

At Isubtitles, there are thousands of movie subtitles in multiple languages. You’ll have no problem finding subtitles in languages like Arabic or Indonesian.

Now you know where to look for subtitles and how to insert them into a video. And you are amazing.

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