GTA Online Top 10 Things And Activities Most Players Stopped Doing

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GTA Online Top 10 Things And Activities Most Players Stopped Doing 5
My top 10 on the activities and things that most people just do not play in GTA Online anymore.

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I am sorry for the length of this video. I tried to make it shorter. There was just a lot for me to cover in these activities and people’s reasons for not playing them anymore. I hope you guys enjoyed the video? Is there any others that I missed?

Author — TheProfessional


You should rob a convenience store for the last bit of the 1Billion goal

Author — OVO owl


My mans still robbing stores when he has 920 million

Author — Vanguard 77


I remember I was so broke when online first came out, I robbed stores with an empty clip lol

Author — ChrisYoungGunn


drinking game, shot every time he says "back in the day". you will be dead....

Author — Jim Manis


Nevermind robbing stores for money, when GTA Online started I used to kill NPCs for about $20. Lol

Author — Paul Currie


Lemme guess number 1
Adversary modes and stunt races

After watching: yep the bullet hits its mark

Author — zaid malkawi


I rob concmvience stores if I was like 5k short of going to the next million lol

Author — MoMo_ Beatz


I missed the bulletproof cars, I love the concept but now with the oppressor and jets, they are useless and the glass is not that good, 16 bullets!? Rockstar should add new bulletproof cars or buff them

Author — Emperor 7NERO


anybody else cringe when they saw “the velum was destroyed”

Author — Sammy Gonzalez


I never came this early since double money on the bunker started.

Author — Artem Moroz


Top 10 things that players don't do anymore on GTA:
Playing GTA

Author — Lester Crest


I still go to the ammunation because buying ammo from the interaction menu is weird

Author — Spiros bad at fn


Slasher was such a fun mode at the time.

Author — Bronson


Anyone remembering finding players either going or shooting up the strip club? 😂

Author — Fluttershy Fan



Double TheProfessional Event Week.

Author — Remington Steele


Hey pro can you make a top 10 vehicles that need buffs and nerfs

Author — T. rex Master


On today’s episode of professional says back in the day

Author — UAV iz Up


Top 10 things that got removed during the development of gta 5

Author — zorga pb


Nothing says og like remembering back in the day in gta v, and I do mean my fellow gamers that remember back when your mechanic actually drove your car to you

Author — Vasanum777