GTA Online Top 10 Things And Activities Most Players Stopped Doing

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GTA Online Top 10 Things And Activities Most Players Stopped Doing 5

My top 10 on the activities and things that most people just do not play in GTA Online anymore.

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I am sorry for the length of this video. I tried to make it shorter. There was just a lot for me to cover in these activities and people’s reasons for not playing them anymore. I hope you guys enjoyed the video? Is there any others that I missed?

Author — TheProfessional


Noobs are the best players in GTA. They don’t kill. They are extremely friendly, and they randomly pick you up and have a nice drive.
edit: I regret every word I have said

Author — Creepzer178


i still get a prison break invite literally every time i play lol.

Author — r crouch


Robbing armored trucks.

R* took them out :(

Author — Norman Best Boi


OG’s will remember grinding on Rooftop Rumble

Author — Nico The Bear


I never kill players but if someone kills me I’m getting revenge and that’s it

Author — Blue Sun


My mans still robbing stores when he has 920 million

Author — Mace Windu


This guy predicted the diamond casino heist saying “we should choose if it’s aggressive or stealthy”

Author — Scronkzy


Simeon wants to be in this video. Take it to Los Santos customs then deliver it to the drop off.

Author — Dimitri J


The Professional: “No one are doing these anymore”

Role playing players: 👀

Author — C D


*No one robs store anymore.*
Me: Robbed a store last night..

Author — Jolly Cooperation


8:25 when you predict the casino heist

Author — Stealth 2ezy


I was buying ammo in the interaction menu in the gun store and the ammunation store guy started shooting and saying I should show some respect. lol

Author — joe caves


Imo heists aren't hard only 2 things complicate them: Lack of communication and noobs

Author — Fishfan 2


“I just like robbing stores, I think it’s fun”

Author — Cathy Mansouri


I remember I was so broke when online first came out, I robbed stores with an empty clip lol

Author — ChrisYoungGunn


"why did people stop playing heists"
Me- other players...

Author — Rinyotsu


Professional: nobody does the original heist any more because of the low pay

Player who does the pacific standard heist glitch:🤐

Author — Nick zz


2:50 I’m so used to it I just give in and go to Ammu-Nation despite me knowing fully that my interaction menu exists

Author — Dutch van der Linde


“10. Robbing stores”
Me as a level 5 still robbing the same guy every time :

Author — Scummay