How to Set Any Android Launcher as Default Launcher

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

A tutorial about how to set any third-party Android launcher as default launcher on Android smartphone.

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This is very useful. Thank you so much for your help ♥️

Author — Solis Glaidel O.


Thank you, excellent explanation and it works as you show and tell!!

Author — DiegoSynth


Thank you so much bro. Im now using Computer launcher and enjoy it ☺️

Author — Cyan Carl Galanza


My friend, perfect information.
Any way I have an Allview V2 Viper phone which works a bit different but with you're help I've manage to "save the day".
Many thanks from Romania! :)

Author — Dragos POPA


After doing this, can I remove the default launcher (which is called "live launcher" In my phone)? In setting there are only two options...1. Force stop and 2. Disable

Author — Nazmul Ahmed Noyon


Thank u so much ... It's very helpful + well explained!!!👏

Author — HS 9.4


Thank you. I thought I'd be stuck with my new launcher forever. Cheers mate.

Author — S Muss


Thank you so much 😍😍😍😍
Very helpful 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Author — Novar


Thanks man I was worrying about my launcher. Now its ok

Author — sling shot waves


omg. thank u. I was about just throw the whole app away. works fine now💯

Author — timmy5745


Little late but thanks a lot mate, big help, subscribed :)

Author — PearlyBee


Thank u I did not know what was going on thought my phone was broken or defected

Author — Paul James


Thank you. Worked on my android head unit for my car. I'm an iPhone guy so I know nothing about android. Thanks!!!!

Author — Nose_Art_Guy


thanks man it really works on my phone.My problem is a Cm launcher

Author — Sang Zuala


Had to skip to 2:26, but was still helpful.

Author — YouWinAFREEiPOD


Thanks so much theres another way to change the app theme launcher search in the setting launcher then there you go tap the first thing but its not named launcher

Author — ꧁Pro _gamer21꧂


It was so helpful... I tried this on my phone... Oppo f9 pro... It was slightly different... Bt man, it worked... Thank u so much...

My default launcher was: System Launcher
Now changed to: Niagara Launcher.. so cool

Author — sneha saha


Loool it actually worked, thanks man!

Author — Seby L.


Thank you so much bro for teach me because. I was very scared due other luncher defult but now my phone is okay because of you so Thank so much you brø & thank god my phone become just like normal, otherwise what'happen to my phone. one again i want to thank you

Author — Mayur Parmar


Thank u so much i find this very helpful

Author — Lower South Wiffle Ball League