Why Iraq's great rivers are dying

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Why Iraq's great rivers are dying 5

And the timing couldn't be worse.

Iraq gets almost all of its water from two rivers: The Tigris and the Euphrates. Both begin in Turkey and make their way down the entire length of the country, before emptying into the Persian Gulf. The problem is - they are drying up.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is geographical: Since both rivers begin in Turkey, Iraq doesn’t have control of how much water it receives. In the last 30 years, Turkey, Syria, and Iran have been building hundreds of dams along both rivers. Now only a quarter of the Euphrates reaches Iraq. Secondly, Iraq has been stuck in conflict for the last 16 years. In each case, the delicate network of treatment plants, dams, canals, and pipes has been repeatedly destroyed and neglected.

All of this has boiled over in the city of Basra - at Iraq’s southern tip. Last summer, after hundreds were poisoned by the water - riots erupted and were deeply destabilizing for the new Iraqi government. If Iraq is to rebuild, it needs to get fresh water to its people - a challenge that is getting harder every year.

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Author — Vox


That's upsetting. These rivers are so important to human history!

Author — Roll0112358


I am from Basra and this video shattered my heart even more ....
But I will always have hope for a better future.

Author — Mohamed Qasim


im from Iraq, this video is like bullets hitting my body every second, really painful
one day we will rebuild back the great land of Mesopotamia and everyone will be welcome to come and experience our hospitality.

Author — Psycho Active


Iraq : I want water
America : Shut up, you want a democracy

Author — Mr. Sajjad


The US military destroyed Iraq totally and then they just left. They can blame corruption for the failure of reconstruction, but Iraq people are suffering.

Author — Z. Zhengzhou


Mesopotamia is literally the first thing you learn about in ancient civilisation. The Tigris and Euphrates drying up cannot be tolerated

Author — Iyad Naseer


the US is that one kid who would bring all the books down from a library shelf and leave

Author — るなめりあ


Who needs fresh drinking water when you have democracy

Author — Younan Younan


"If your enemies are united, divide them"
-Sun Tzu

Author — Richard Jay Fuentes


the USA should pay for the reparation of Iraq

Author — Keyan cent


As an Iraqi, I really appreciated you guys covering this crisis. MORE people need to know about this.

Author — universe36


An Iraqi born in Baghdad

My house was a mile away from the Tigris river

I feel broken watching this...

Author — Naruru - Art Dump Station


Im from Iraq 🇮🇶/Basra city 🌃 and this video is so true ... and it hurts to see the country of first civilization like this cuz of government and people themselves too... I would say thank you a lot for this video vox salute❤️🇮🇶

Author — MSA 4 IT


FYI: Iraq never had any nuclear weapons to begin with, the reality is they used Iraq as a cure for Vietnam fever.

Author — SameerSlash


As a giant history *enthusiast*, it’s really sad to see that two rivers that are so important to so much of human history are drying up.

Edit: Hey y’all, please be nice to each other. All of us are human, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or anything else. Much love to all of you ❤️
Edit 2: changed “nerd” to “enthusiast” because *apparently* a lot of people seem to be really sensitive about the use of that word. 🙃

Author — Jess The Hot Mess


The US invasion of Iraq and the subsequent state of chaos allowed ISIS to develop and thrive.

Author — ExMachina SC2


You are reporting with details about iraq and other countries just like you've lived there for entire of your life time !!
Great job
An iraqi citizen..

Author — A H


8:33 Mistranslation. He said, “why is this happening to us, we’re poor/innocent we never did anything wrong” then the normal translation in the video continues after.

Author — Thunder Emblem


When Saddam was alive he ensured his people had water and the other countries didn't mess with him and they say he was evil

Author — Albert Misati