OMG Fantastic opening the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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OMG Fantastic opening the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 4.5

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'Why do you like Eurovision so much'
Cause a bearded drag queen can fly. Duh.

Author — Glitter Grasshopper


This makes me realize how much more talented Europe is than America

Author — Mikayla


The woman playing the violin in the beginning looked like a _LITERAL_ goddess.

Author — and then, eat.


I'm american so I've never seen the opening. It's like a cross between disney world and the olympics

Author — Amy Francko


2015 eurovision was the BEST
best stage
best opening
best hosts
best songs
Really the best year for eurivision. Austria did a really good job

Author — STUDIJA DUBLIS Justina Sinkevič


i am russian
it is the BEST OPENING
thank you Austria !!!
it was WONderful

Author — Andrej Bu


As the swede I am I hate to admit it, but this is the best Eurovision Song Contest opening ever if you ask me. Please forgive me Sweden...

Author — Rebecca Linnéa


Why can't we love each other with the whole world like this? :(

Author — Elizabeth Vera


12 points go to....


Author — Fabrizio_


I still have no idea how the guy disappeared

Author — ShadyBianca


I think Austria has been the best host of the last years (even better than Sweden) I will always remember this year, the ORF did the best show of all the times!!! Conchita with her Rise like a Phoenix made me feel something inside me, it was so emotional and I felt so happy when she won.... On the contrary ESC 16 has had the best songs ever but underrated and that's why this year has been the most disappointing for me, I'm feeling cheated. Big Hugs from Spain to Austria and Europe (this beautiful and diverse continent where we live and which I feel so proud of, despite bad things being happening because of our politicians)

Author — brx86


I miss this side of Europe. The united part. We here in Greece don't see much of unity in Europe the last months. We want more... I'm afraid that we don't build bridges anymore, we destoy them.

Author — Nikolas Panagidis


In meinen Augen bisher die beste Show ever. Das Opening und die Effekte waren einzigartig und haben Maßstäbe gesetzt. Beste Grüße aus Deutschland.

Author — Jens Lichtenberg


this is the best effects and lightings ive ever seen in a song competition..

Author — Alexis Cruz


3:24 i want Conchita pass from my window flying like this

Author — Sebas Antonio


das war eine tolle und packende Show, gut gemacht Nachbarn! viele Grüße aus Deutschland

Author — coopergold


1:59 NOW I get why those hanging balls are there, it looks like Conchita’s Phoenix wings.

Author — Preston Ancheta


one of the best openings ever. Would've loved to be there

Author — Sleepndraw


Conchita slayed with this performance! Best opening of Eurovision

Author — Paweł Majewski


Wtf I never knew this existed and I’m so jealous lol. Like legit this looks soo cool and amazing I don’t even know what to say. Is this world peace omg too bad I’m in the USA 😂

Author — Diego Barajas