Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics - Puss N' Boots (DVD QUALITY)

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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (GFTC)
S01E07 Puss N' Boots (Part 1)
S01E08 Puss N' Boots (Part 2)

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This was always super amusing to me can’t believe I found it again after losing the disc as a kid

Author — Yu an


Puss is always in a great mood and never fears anything... I wish I could be like that.

Author — SmittenKitten


Max, being a person in full control of his mental faculties, is hilarious and relatable. He is freaking out over what we would freak out over and doubting the plausibility of the crazy mad schemes this cat keeps cooking up! Good for him in getting a happy end!

Author — Cassie Weddle


I watched this when I was like 4 and I remember being so scared of the villain at the end. Recently it popped into my mind and I've been trying to find it for a while, then I found this video! Thanks for the blast of nostalgia!

Author — Neo Uma


Oh my god i used to watch these all the time! I never thought id find it again after i lost the disc for it years ago! Brings back memories 💕👏🏽

Author — Assyli Art


The sorcerer was eaten alive by puss n boots because he wasn’t careful of what form he chose.

Believe me there are warnings, dangers, and safeties of shapeshifting because if you’re not careful with what form you choose, you could get eaten by a predator, insectivore, omnivore or carnivore for that matter. Also you could get shot by a hunter or poacher who knows what might happen to you if you’re not careful with your shapeshifting abilities.

Author — Christine King


Oh man, the characters in this are so great... 😂
"First cat I've ever seen wear long boots" 31:25
"I don't know but I'm not taking my chances on being eaten alive" 31:49

Author — Lee Bradley


UPDATE (December 2020): Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics is finally being released on Blu-ray! In 2021, Discotek media will release the entire series as two volumes. The releases will include the original Japanese versions, along with re-assembled versions of the English Saban dubs (the original masters having been lost). It is great to finally see this series getting an official release.

Author — perishingtardis


This cat is full of wisdom I tell you.
His monologue at the beginning is very profound.

Author — Jarosław Sobiński


God, the writing is so good XD love this episode.

Author — John k.


Thank you for the upload! I have been looking for this version for a long time. I first saw this as a kid when it would air on Nick, and always remembered the scene of the cat tricking the sorcerer lol

Author — Michael


Thank you for uploading quality videos.. I hope you will upload more grimms fairytale videos.

Author — John Calungsod


Looks to me kinda like there's a lot of fading in and out both to and from black. Specifically from part 1 so far.

Despite that, I still like this episode. One of my favorites, in fact.

Author — Kevin McQueary


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE !! I Love Watching Grimms Fairy Tales Growing Up . I Never Got To See This One lol

Author — Brinae Chanel


Omg! Just came.across this cartoons. It brought me back to my childhood when I used to watch VHS all the Grimms Fairy Tales.

Author — bleulune belle


Thank you for uploading, this episode was my favourite as a child! An odd thing that I noticed is that the voice cast isnt credited in either the intro or outro. I wonder why?

Author — liberty


This is great! Do you have a DVD quality version of The Man of Iron episode?

Author — Cyrus Arturas


I’m this old lol damn I miss these cartoons

Author — eric mallory


Why didn’t the king just get his quails from the innkeeper?

Author — Brian Wallace


11:13 Lol he said the quail are so difficult to catch while serving 3 quail roasted proceeds to tell them they caught only this moring and if they are so hard to find how did they catch 3 in 1 moring

Author — Ng Joshua