Professor objects to no white people on campus demand

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Professor objects to no white people on campus demand 5
Bret Weinstein, professor of Evergreen State College, pushed back on a student demand that all white people get off campus for a day because of racism and received a lot of abuse for it. He tells his story to Tucker #Tucker

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Fighting a “racist” ... by being racist. The far left ladies and gentlemen.

Author — Ian Rutter


As Russian studying in America, every of my classes cost me at least $370 of tuition. If some idiot tries to stop me from studying, well they will know how we handle problems in the Motherland.

Author — falrus


what If a white man sexually identified as a black woman would they be asked to leave the campus 😂

Author — hunter agent


Every one of those students should be expelled and charged with a hate crime

Author — Jacob Michael


I like Tucker Carlson, he alaways looks like a concerned father picking up his daughter at 9pm from a party

Author — ORPHUZnewz


You demand that an entire race of people leave a campus, there's a word for that it's called racism.

Author — Manager Boi


97% acceptance rate at this "school"....That explains it all!

Author — Happilyretiredmark


"People of colour"
Last I checked all people had colours, I have never heard of a transparent person before.

Author — DarknoorX


"There will be violence"!?! So they're terrorists. And everyone knows our stance on terrorists

Author — Fletcher Horwath


This doesn’t count as right to assemble. They’re staring a violent mob. They should all be in jail or lose their membership.

Author — Borsalino Kizaru


WOW, as a German all I can say is... this is how it starts, people.

Author — Steverino Ger


Racist calling a guy a racist "just because of the color of his skin". Amazing.

Author — Tink Ertime


This is why some animals eat their young.

Author — Just Chill


"I'm not a Hillary voter I'm a deeply progressive person."

Well said

I'm shocked this is happening

Author — Justin Overholtzer


“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” - George Santayana

Author — DestinyPlayer1


As a black man I see this and feel even more confident about having left the left. They're crazy.

Author — NathanSynth


Imagine saying youre against racism while being extremely racist

Author — Colin the Commie


They would hug the professor and love and support him if he was a transgender, sisgender, binary or at least biogayish.

Author — Bass Face


The university should have cancelled their studentship. To teach them a lesson on how it feels having their opinions cancelled.

Author — William Topping


People like this is an embarrassment to our country.

Author — Sheryl J