Aviation expert weighs in on deadly helicopter crash

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Aviation expert weighs in on deadly helicopter crash 4.5
No evidence of outward engine failure in crash that killed Kobe Bryant.

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pilot is one those people that drives 80 mph in snow and 1 mile later in see them in ditch.

Author — Chhaka Luoy


Even the most experienced pilot can make a serious mistake. It's rare, but they do. In aviation, a serious mistake often gets you and your passengers killed.

Author — Todd Lavigne


I thought he was gonna give some info, everything is much clearer now, 🤔

Author — lionel james


So, flying into the ground because you are too greedy or dumb to obey VFR rules and know your flight path needs investigating? Really?...

Author — Hannibal Smith


These guys think just because they can barely make out the ground they can keep going in helicopters its foolish and for what a basket ball game for a teenager? I guess I could see the risk for a EMS, or search and rescue operation. He should have turned around when he saw the fog was filled in on the 101 freeway headed back for Van Nuyes or wherever. He could have climbed slowly declared requested vectors back to Van Nuyes. Now what is left family grieving for rest of their lives, and Island Express be Bankrupted company in business since 1982. I would put cameras in the cockpits have management review spot check these guys on bad weather days. I don't know what the culture was there one would hope they were told not to try fly into IMC.

Author — blastman8888


They should look at video surveillance cameras of who was preparing the helicopter the night before i smell foul play. This has the taste of a setup remotely controlled to take a dive murdered using the fog as an excuse illuminati style its not the first time i seen it happen to a celebrity.

Author — Geraldo Estrada