5G: Explained!

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5G: Explained! 5

5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!

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Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think?

Author — Marques Brownlee


This is the most outside footage I've seen from this channel in 10 years

Author — Nandan


Can't wait for people to say "6G will kill you! I'll stick to 5G"

Author — Cycling Cycles


Pro pubg players when they die while using 5g network:
OMG this lag....

Author — shivam chaudhary


That the microwave doesn’t heat anything up on the outside is because of the metal grid! Not the distance!

Author — ratti80


I just imagine teenagers in the future complaining how slow 5g is

Edit: lmao stop with the 5g wont kill you replies, it’s just making it worse
Edit 2: LMAO, this comment got more likes than marques’s comment

Author — FuznAGM


Exaggerated: if they cover an entire city, all those 5G nodes could potentially act as an umbrella for the city when it rains

Author — Bhunesh Bhaskar


Genrally, for phone usage, you don't even need 5G. How often are you really need that amount of speed? Pretty much never. You wonna play movie? Possible with 4G, wonna play game? Same thing. You need a too big file for 4G? Grab a coffee and done.

Author — helloworld


I don't care how many G that is, I want a ethernet port on my phone

Author — Jordan Wu


Telekom in Germany be Like: Soon we got 4g everywhere. Wooohoooo

Author — Yulez


I can’t wait for 5G so 4G plans go lower so I can finally afford 3G

Author — Jerome 092


Im just gonna go back to a pager... " Hit me on da hip"

Author — Christopher Rogers


6g - tower on rooftop
7g - tower in every room
8g - phone has a tower on it
9g - tower in butt

Author — trap nation


This moment when you realise that you don't have even 1 mb/s

Author — Najdentie


9:55 "imagine a surgery over 5G" hopefully it doesn't rain when they open the brain!

Author — tntg5


7:26 what happened to your arm. And dont pause it there. It looks wierd.😁

Author — sina


mkbhd: showing 5G with 2.1gbps speed

Me: downloading cod ww2 on ps4 with 500kbps speed.

Author — Rohin Bedi


What is this guy major/specialization anyway ? I watch dozen of his videos and seem like he is majoring at many things at once

Author — Khanh Mai


I’m still using my 3G iPhone 5
Works perfectly ✊🏾

Author — Chocolate Melanin


Phones memory is not fast enought to write the data in 5g speeds?

Author — Filip Ribarić