Centuries-old tombs discovered underneath medieval London church

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Centuries-old tombs discovered underneath medieval London church 5

While renovating St. Mary's Church Lambeth on the south bank of the river Thames in London, workers discovered a crypt full of coffins that nobody knew was there. Among the 30 coffins, there are signs that a former head of the Church of England was buried there. Mark Phillips has more on this valuable archaeological discovery.

The "CBS Evening News" premiered as a half-hour broadcast on Sept. 2, 1963. Check local listings for CBS Evening News broadcast times.

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Why was this 1000 year old relic even being considered for demolition in the first place, doesn't matter if it's a church or not it's a testament to the local history, ppl, and culture.

Author — your name


There's nothing to creep about the discovery. They're dead and they were there for ages. Why need to disturb them in their resting place?

Author — dobazajr


Reminds me of the words on a gravestone outside a church. Here I lie by the church door, here I lie because I'm poor, the further in the more you pay, but here lies I, as snug as they.

And probably not dug up!

Author — M Scott


Even with all their high tech tools, Archeologists don't always find what their looking for. Then along comes a fellow wearing a hard hat - and the rest is history as they say....

Author — Sonny Dean


Whichever way you look at it, this is a really amazing find.

Author — 03Venture


*Wow, forget about "laid to rest"... More like "tossed out to rest"!*

Author — She Who Knows All


Not really surprised. People of apportance have bend laid to rest under churches in England for Centuries?

Author — 127BobbyRay


Why were they all tossed in basement? Was this an old mauseleum? And to demolish such an old building.

Author — burymedeep 2093


What an amazing Church in an amazing find I don't understand why somebody would have even thought about tearing down a thousand-year-old church doesn't make sense but I have to agree with some of the other people with you know what happened to The Bishop's called crown and the coffins that were down there now it's nothing else somebody at least you have gone down there and he'll fix it up and put the coffins back where they should have been instead of but look like they were throwing around

Author — Wendy Haase


They took their Faith in Christ with them. Praise God.

Author — gerald 413


i think that the reason they look tossed around is that the space had been looted

Author — plus minus


Looks like they said wth and just dropped them down a hole in the floor 😬😬😲😲

Author — Clarence Jones


So they just leave the coffins all in a wreck like that?

Author — Clearwater Guy


Canterbury - Can't Bury (Max Spiers) RIP Super Soldier knew of the evil of this place

Author — Warning Signs


Ok let's talk Turkey. How much you want?

Author — Erodoeht


Just remember people in 600 to a thousand years you are no longer considered a human being you are now just bones and you belong to the world of archaeology

Author — Doug Sanders


somebody knew it was there otherwise it wouldnt be there.. question now is Who knew it was there and why didn't anyone else ...?

Author — web1187


Shocking they were going to tear down a church.

Author — Ely Powell


The author of the King James Bible, forgotten, how appropriate...Loving Protestants.

Author — Joseph Castillo


They arn't the only things that's underneath church's.

Author — Critical Thinker