Complete bodycam footage of controversial Roswell police stop

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Complete bodycam footage of controversial Roswell police stop 3.5
Two officers are under fire after they appear to flip a coin to see if a woman would be arrested or not.

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I am also an ex LEO, and feel that this physical arrest was unwarranted, it seemed to me like the officer was power tripping. Where I was an officer, this didn't meet the criteria for "Reckless Driving".
Should have just cited her, and let her get to work. She didn't give any lip, or disrespect, or deny what she had done. No reason to have been such a hardass with her....just my opinion

Author — David MacLane


W.T.F. Roswell, Looks to me that you just love to ruin innocent peoples lives all of this for speeding? Get a F. ing life your department is a joke.

Author — Eric Letts


They were picked on in school the ugly ducklins

Author — John Patillo


When the SHTF, a lot of good cops are going to pay for the misdeeds of these power tripping pig cops.

Author — Peter Resetz


Retards let that power get to their head and forget that they’re being taped also LOL, there should be tougher laws against People that take a position of power and abuse it

Author — Thorber Gilofth


FYI both female police officers were fired.

they both deserved it. this was totally uncalled for and disgusting.

Author — Khum Dhan


The fact they have a coin flip app on their phone speaks to their intelligence.

Author — flamingalex360


I really don't like that cop. Hope she got in lots of trouble, that poor girl, give her a ticket and let her go to work. Wish we could flip a coin on whether to fire your fired...tales your fired!

Author — Sharon Checkel


This is why people are so stressed out in life. Dealing with people on Power Trips.

Author — Mountain Rain


Ummmm...miranda rights no longer recited with engagement of slave bracelets ?

Author — itsa mystery


Cops don’t need to give their opinions or lectures on how people drive, just give her a ticket and move on.

Author — Love Yourself


This is why cops have a bad rap! Getting fired is the least that should happen, a good ass kicking would also be warranted!

Author — Curtis Berg


It's like a joke to this female cop, she is clearly enjoying this. Disgraceful.

Author — Mick Green


Hopefully Karma catches this ex cop. Losing her job wasn't enough she should have went to jail.

Author — GODLIKE


if the police anywhere want to know why even the most law abiding citizens hate them and hold them in contempt, show them this video.

Author — stephen barber


I was a cop for 30 years, A Supervisor for 10 of those Years, This is a ridiculous arrest and abuse of power. Another reason why we have mistrust of the Police.

Author — Kevin Bradford


Whenever a cop says “Do me a favor”, you’re screwed.

Author — GP McD


This cop is immature just let her know why she is being pulled over then give the ticket and leave.

Author — anthony levario


Can’t release the car, they have to keep it for revenue

Author — Chris Gridley


Lady cop still pissed she didn’t get invited to the prom by the football star. . Takes it out on a girl who looked like the one he took

Author — markheartland2