Serial Killer's Last Meals on Death Row (React)

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Serial Killer's Last Meals on Death Row (React) 5

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Serial Killer's Last Meals on Death Row (React)

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Author — REACT


Why the hell should your last meal be healthy?? For what??

Author — Alexander Tr


3:01 yes women can be on death row too it’s called equality

Author — Dragonized


Dude: Everyone likes a coke. Is that like, the drink of serial killers?

*looks over at my glass of coke*


Author — giorno giovanna


*”a woman?? woah.”*
it’s crazy how society makes us think that only men are capable of doing these sorts of things....

Author — happy little accident


bruh that one asian girl i can't
did she expect him to order like some healthy ass meal? like no it's his last meal wtf would be caring abt whether or not it was healthy

Author — Lily G


Why is everyone suddenly getting recommended this lol

Author — Reygan Hh


a w0mAn?? Yes, woman can be horrible people aswell...

Author — Serco


sorry but jeannie is getting way too weird and almost excusing what these people did. like her explanation on how the kfc and strawberries are unhealthy because he didn’t know what was good for him????

Author — sophie bbyg


why was she so surprised when there was a woman on there??? like i’m sorry but women commit crimes too🤣

Author — Pedro Lopez


My last meal would be the most expensive food in the world

Author — Spring Bonnie


So we not going to talk about how this was posted 11 months ago and this is in everyone's recommendations.

Author — Han Kai


Jeannie trying to act like all these people's actions were justified or not as bad because of past or mental stability.

Author — Jayden Parrott


“OH WOW A WOMAN?!?” yes women were killers not just men😒



“He didn’t understand what was healthy for him because even his last meal was very indulgent”

It’s literally the last thing he’s ever gonna eat, what’d you want him to do? Watch his weight and order a salad?

Author — Bean King


Jeannie girl or whatever pisses me tf off like-
WhY iS ShE tRyIng so hArd To jUstiFy mURDER

2:52 3:03 gIRL WHAT

Author — ѕωєєτ ѕυиѕнιиє


Oh wow woman

No a dragon yes A woman

Author — SomePlayerIam


video: about serial killers

video music: happy and bouncy


Author — Koko Loko


everyone got this on there recommendation

didn’t they.

Author — mushy pi3


"He didn't understand what was healthy for him."
Dude, if you know it's the last thing you're going to eat, you're probably not going to be eating a small plate of carrots and chard. Personally, I'd choose some ramen and McDonalds fries, probably some strawberries in milk coated in sugar as well. I dunno. Something tasty.
"A woman? Woah."
:) Go to hell.
"I don't think she was a sociopath at all. I just think she was kinda a regular person..."
So having a bad childhood excuses any and all MURDERS YOU MAY COMMIT. Yeah, sounds like something a normal person would do. I get you're not really trying to pardon anything, but... yikes. Maybe phrase that one a bit differently.

Author — Ugle Beffus