WINDSHEAR Go Arounds : Boeing 747,767,777,787 Airbus 330, 350

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WINDSHEAR Go Arounds : Boeing 747,767,777,787 Airbus 330, 350 5

What a crazy crosswind day. More Go Arounds than I've ever seen. Windshear alerts. +/- 30 kts. UAL, ANA, JAL, Korean, Air Canada, Delta A350, Air Busan A321 and more. With ATC audio

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Legend says Japan airlines still trying to land.

Author — Saúl Mendoza


Air Busan be like:
50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0, 10, 20, 10, 0, 10, 0

Author — ChaseTheChurro


This is a lot like watching my wife doing a reverse park

Author — Ankles


Air Canada pilot really brought his eh game.

Author — Bruce Meligan


Pilots in the air: "Man, it's bad down there, nobody's able to land right now!!"
Canada Air: "Hold my beer eh..."

Author — Mark W.


Other pilots: “Too windy, almost impossible to land.”

Air Canada pilot: “Hold my maple syrup, eh?”

Author — DCO Nightingale


Kind of figured Air Canada was able to get it down. Those Canadian Cowboys will land anywhere, even on occupied taxiways 😏

Author — Tron


Japan Airlines pilots get paid by the hour.

"If we do four go arounds, we get paid one hour more."

"Sounds food. Sushi is on me."

Author — RoyalMela


Air Busan stands to its low cost idea. They don’t spend fuel on going around.😂

Author — aronenMD


Air Busan Captain: "What windshear??"

Author — Mikhail Rybin


ATC controller: If I have to say "maintain 4000" one more time, I'm gonna scream.

Author — StarTrekMarco


this is how i land my fsx planes in normal weather😂😂

Author — Shut da hell up


As of 10th of february 2019 Japan airlines 11 is still trying to land, This is also the first commercial plane to refuel at 4000ft

Author — Kristian B


Japan Air 11 really struggled there, his poor pax! Any tourists on board would have felt like after 3 go around's they'd seen enough of the city and were ready to go back home.

Author — Darren-Edward Oneill


They should build landing strip at 4000 feet

Author — Wan Khairul anuar


Air Canada:
First Officer: Captain, go around.

Author — Jose Smith


The amount of go-arounds in this vid! Seems more like an airshow ey!

Author — Shiraz Nas


Good news everyone, Japan airlines just landed

Author — Spizz Energi


This is definitely one of the best plane spotting videos I've ever seen. An absolute pleasure to watch (glad I wasn't on a single one of those flights lol)

Author — Jeff N


Lou, thanks for posting. Based on timestamps, the N number and my own personal log book & flight notes (Navy habit I can’t break) it’s reasonable to say that it’s me at the controls @ 8:40. This day and flight were memorable for me because of all things it was my 787 check ride and I was PIC on the inbound leg. The TOGA button has a satisfying weighted click and instantaneous response.

I appreciate you taking the time to shoot & post. I’ve captured a lot of good footage from NRT’s sky deck, but will definitely put the park on the list for this spring.

Author — ETOPS