BOE Flexible Phone, 8K, 5644PPI micro-display (17x Retina), Printed OLED, QLED and more

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BOE Flexible Phone, 8K, 5644PPI micro-display (17x Retina), Printed OLED, QLED and more 4.5

BOE presents their latest flexible AMOLED display solutions for the future of smartphones that can be bent, folded, and rolled and even flap in the wind. BOE's flexible displays is demonstrated for robots with touch control, smart loudspeakers, an S-shaped in-car flexible AMOLED display. 8K displays, micro displays, QLED displays and other IoT solutions such as their TFT based AMOLED fingerprint recognition system that works in any spot of the display area

The foldable all-screen WQHD AMOLED display launched by BOE can achieve minimum dynamic bending with a radius of only 1mm. It can be bent more than 100,000 times and has an NTSC color gamut up to 118%. BOE is exhibiting a 5.99" FHD+ 2160x1080 Flexible AMOLED foldable mobile phone and a 7.56" foldable tablet. The display can be used for mobile phones when it is folded up and for tablets or monitors when it unfolds.

As one of the upcoming possibly revolutionizing OLED technical directions, BOE demonstrates their OLED printing technology to possibly just print the future of Smartphone displays showing their 5.5" FHD (1920×1080) printing flexible OLED display.

UHD has become a keyword of SID 2018 for material and equipment suppliers and device manufacturers, signaling the advent of the 8K era. In addition to the 110-inch 8K, 75-inch 8K, and 65-inch 8K glasses-free 3D displays, BOE also presents 13.3-inch 8K display products, promoting the development of small and medium-sized 8K products.

BOE has gathered speed in building an 8K ecosystem ever since it launched the "8425 strategy" which means "promoting 8K, popularizing 4K, replacing 2K and making good use of 5G". BOE has recently launched the 8K solution that incorporates BOE's 4K/8K image service cloud, 8K decoder player, and 8K display device, making it possible to shoot, edit, transmit and broadcast 8K content. This helps to solve problems like the costliness and massive size of traditional decoder players, as well as the lack of 8K content, thus promoting the faster popularization of 8K.

Among several micro displays at BOE's booth is a silicon-based OLED AR product which features monocrystalline silicon as the active drive backplane as well as high resolution, high level of integration, low power consumption, small size, and light weight. The AR product is backed by a 0.39-inch silicon-based OLED which has the world's leading pixel density of 5644PPI, 17 times that of a Retina display, and a contrast ratio over 10000:1, which enables the overlapping and interaction between virtual 3D images and real scenes. All these secure an ultimate experience for users as well as bright prospect in the field of education and training, video games, home decoration, etc.

Moreover, BOE shows its cutting-edge technologies and products such as QLED, mini-LED displays, a number of new applications and products including curved in-car display instruments and BOE iGallery.

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the conversation is typical west vs's hilarious.!!

Author — Ujan Timsina


Guy: So u basically have the coolest phone in the world right
Girl: Yes ok

Author — FlipperFlabber


BOE is a company specializing in the production of display。It is the largest LCD manufacturer in the world, the largest supplier of notebook screens.It's Apple iPad screen supplier.

Author — moonlike 2008


Never heard about BOE before, but I like their innovations a lot!

Author — StormChild


1:49 "When you trip on camera and infront of a girl that acts like nothing happened" lmao

Author — Oregon Original


13:50 He enrolls his thumb's FINGERPRINT and get's verified by index finger.

Author — Rushikesh Palkar


*This is 1st time i come to know that such an innovative company like BOE exist in the world.*
*8k Displays, Flexible Displays Great.*

Author — Muneeb Ghaffar



Author — xBoss


1:52 guy trips in the background, girl looks

Author — Jason Wings


You: So, what is special of this phone?

Her: *MHM*

Author — Abdullah


Wow, a 5644 ppi display! VR without screen door effect is right around the corner. Now, if only graphics card companies would step up their games--they're holding back the advancement of VR technology.

Author — Gunja Gurung


I like how the video ended exactly when the man said “We dont have license to sell in America.”

Author — DreiGotDrip


"You have the coolest phone in the world, right?"

Author — VGMrawk


Looks great, the future. They need to sort the crease in the middle though.

Author — Nigel


13:30 Best on earth, works perfectly fine!

Author — BUF Records


That 3D Glasses Free Screen
Is it OLED !?
I thought refresh rates of OLED low that it couldn't reach 120hz/sec so unable to execute 3D Stereoscopic display !

Author — A. Zayed


This is the first time I've heard of BOE and it's already one of my favorite companies. So much amazing stuff. I want a flexible phone!

Author — Gurosama Bltch


Thanks, YouTube recommendations, but you're a little late

Author — CornyBoi


20:52 wow BOE deserves a handshake. that is amazing how they made that tiny screen... 8k or not i could see the quality and its just amazing for its size

Author — Reece The Great


5:50 Banana phone? Oh Moon phone.. LMAO

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