Switchblade Sea Kayak Sectional, Nesting. Modular

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Switchblade Sea Kayak Sectional, Nesting. Modular 5
This is the new Switchblade Sea Kayak design which is about to go into production. As you can see it fits on the back seat of your car. The new clip together method is over designed to take the extreme loads placed on the joints in sea and surf conditions. The design is "patent pending". Its a 2 minute video clip because that's all it takes to get it from the back of the car and clip it together. Its About the same time it takes to untie a normal Kayak and take it off the roof of your car. However you don't need to lift this kayak over your head, you don't even need roof racks. You lift half the weight because its in two nested pieces. There are no leaks because each section is fully sealed. And this "17ft" sea kayak fits in your apartment lift.

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When ready and available I will be one customer. An excellent looking idea, good engineering. As I see, some custom fit seat is still required and some storage box covers and ready to go.

Author — charlie haluk


Looks great but I was hoping to see how it disassembles.

Author — sportsfan ivosevic


How much does your kayak weigh? What is it made of? With this method of joining sections, how much do the sections knock during movement? Thanks.

Author — Лана Кравец