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ANTHEM: Everything You NEED TO KNOW 5
Bioware's Anthem got a gameplay reveal at E3 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One X. What exactly is this mysterious new game? We have some answers.

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This game will be downgraded HARD. Mark my words!

Автор — Nineteen1900Hundred


Anthem is kind of how I saw Half Life 3 or 4 could be. Looks awesome :0 :)

Автор — rollercoaster478


Im super hyped but im worried this game is going to revolve around micro transactions

Автор — Mystic Vlogs


What I am hoping is that I will play the game expecting everything that I see in this video but then realize they have given us so so much more.

Poll the players, what they would like to see.
Go back into development.

Release the best game that has ever been seen.

Автор — Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen


Remember the demo for The Division? Beautiful environment. Seamless experience. Large open world.

Pardon my skepticism...

Автор — RedCandleWax24


Customizable characters, mech suits and guns, with jet pack flying in open world? Nope, I don't buy, there has to be something wrong with this game, or maybe it'll be dumbed-down from the E3 version after it comes out. There's no way, this game is too good to be true.

Автор — ELITERgamersUK


The real question this locked behind a DLC wall.

Автор — Ganja Trooper


I’m going to be the tank guy the one with the mortar it kinda reminds me of a titan off of destiny. #titan4life

Автор — Sawyer Lacoste


yeah, dropping D2 as soon as this comes out

Автор — K R


"Play it how you want" Yeah that's not the 100th time I've heard a developer say that.

Автор — Red Beard


I have an incredibly strong feeling this will be like “The Division”. An amazing E3 reveal that leads everyone to believe it will be an unbelievably detailed and amazing game, then drops the ball. I have hype for this game, and I hope they didn’t just over produce the reveal to gain attention.

Автор — Daniel Crossley


Just another "wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle" game.

Автор — An86


Mass effect need it to bee like this wtf

Автор — EVS Santiago


Everybody looking forward to the Micro Transactions?...No oh ok just me than.

Автор — Mr Bare Foot Bogan


just me or does the weapons get a borderlands vibe?? and he said a lv 5 weapon instead of a lv 35 weapon

Автор — Alex White


Why does it feel like they shafted ME:A in favor of this game.

Автор — TheOneFromTheNorth


Destiny can't be played 3rd person. I wish it could be.

Автор — Kinsman


My expectations:

-Good customization

-No Micro Transactions

-No shitty storyline or repetitive missions

-Lots of content

-Pretty graphics

Автор — Sky Pie


Hoping for 1st person in the open world. Kinda weird that they didn't show that in the trailer though.

Автор — Darkjpower20


I don't know. This game looks way too good to be true. My Ubisoft/BioWare senses are tingling.

Автор — Elijah Pantino