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Top 10 Worst Single-Season Collapses! | NFL Films 4.5
Check out the top 10 collapses to end an NFL season!

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Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Avengers blew a 5-1 stone lead in Infinity War...

Author — Matt P


In honor of the 2018 Carolina Panthers lmao

Author — felix 1947


You can add the 2018 Steelers to this list

Author — Aidan Pfeifer


The 2018 Steelers had a pretty bad collapse, but it was nothing compared to the 2018 Panthers. They started the year 6-2 and finished with a record of 7-9 thanks to a 7-game losing streak.

Author — David Bondy


add the 2016 Minnesota Vikings

Started 5-0
Ended 8-8

Author — TGSGAMER360


My lions aren’t on here because they’re bad from the start 😑

Author — Detroit Fan95


The Vikings are gonna have like three spots on here lmao

*_cries in skol_*

Author — Not For Long


Don’t let all of these season collapses districts you from the fact that the falcons blew 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl

Author — Maggie Morrissey Colts and Packers Fan


Washington Choked
Washington Choked
Washington Choked
Washington Choked
Washington Choked
Washington Choked
Washington Choked

Author — The World's Biggest Fan


2018 Redskins

6-3 before Alex Smith breaks his leg
Two weeks later back up QB Colt McCoy breaks his leg
Following week Mark Sanchez starts
Week after that Josh Johnson starts and finishes the season

On top of that the Redskins finished the season with 5th and 6th string O-line guys, a defense that was top 8 for the first 8-10 weeks and finished as the 17th ranked defense and 28th ranked offense. Front office also let go of DJ Swearinger (safety) who was having a pro-bowl season.

Redskins finished 7-9 with 24 guys on IR this season (no you read that correctly, 24).

Author — souldy09


mike tice displaying that attitude that lead to his teams collapse in the first place lmfao

Author — Tony July


Mike Tice: Yeah I'll interview for this greatest collapses show.

Also Mike Tice: Oh no, don't ask me about MY collapse.

What an ass.

Author — mattsme13


2011 Bills
started 5-2
finished 6-10

Author — Mike Keller


Didn’t the 2012 Bears start like 7-1 and not make the playoffs lmao

Author — mapquestboy


0:07 "that's my quaterback...sniffle"

Author — The Sagittal Crest


Stop letting Scott Ferrall talk, he sounds like he smoked 14 packs of cigarettes a week for 30 years.

Author — Jacob Christian


Chad Pennington beating the Jets in 08 was the literal definition of irony

Author — Lihl ' Trxp 2300


Leave it to the New York Jets to make it on a choking list twice 😂😂😂

Author — Reylo1218


Here I was thinking we were gonna get a new list...smh

Author — Sessions For Your Thoughts w/WB&CO


The 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers

1st 10 Games: 7-2-1
Final 6 Games: 2-4
Final Record: 9-6-1 (Misses Playoffs)

Author — Alexandor