Zone RV - A Zone Of Its Own.

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

ZONE RV’s world-class innovation and passion has set a new benchmark for caravan manufacturing standards in Australia. Award-winning technology, design and operating efficiencies put ZONE RV at the leading edge.

ZONE RV’s range of vans includes, OFF-ROAD SERIES is built using Australia’s leading manufacturing technologies, combining the upmost luxury with full off-road capabilities in each of its models. SUMMIT SERIES; packed with full off-road capabilities, takes it to the next level with exclusive state-of-the-art technology including a genuine carbon fibre body and world-class wi-fi iPad user control on all electrical components and suspension. Plus
the industry-first premium touring and cross-terrain caravan built like an off-roader, the VENTURE SERIES encompassing all of the manufacturing technology and strength of ZONE RV’s famous Off-Road Series, the Venture Series differentiates with specifications designed to further reduce weight and maximise the essentials for its intended purpose.