GTA Online: Top Vehicles for PVP in Freemode

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GTA Online: Top Vehicles for PVP in Freemode 5

In this video I talk about what I believe to be the best vehicles for PVP in GTA Online Freemode.

Why the Starling is the best vehicle for PVP:

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Faggio is the best for pvp in freemode

Author — Kitsune Gaming


The Savage is my favorite vehicle for dealing with griefers and try hards. One thing I would like to add to your Savage points is that with the Savage you can kill try hards before they easy way out. If you use the hydra you have to strafe back and fourth and they can easy way out before you bomb them but with the Savage they often don't have time to react. I have fought several try hards that don't have enough time to easy way out because of my Savage.

Author — TheProfessional


How to counter the Fully Loaded Ruiner 2000:

Shoot the driver out


Author — Knodsil


The Ruiner 2000 really needs that buff. I mean 8 Rockets, no armor and weak MG's for almost 6 Million? At the moment it's worth 1 Million at maximum.

Author — Mike2701


I hate myself for not buying the Stromburg when it was on sale.

Author — Zero the Wanderer


Hunter with co-pilot is amazing.
Rockstar: Yeah let's fix that, *adds broomstick mk 2*

Author — Anki


Storm berg is the best you can just hide underwater listening to blue ark radio. Son of slaves is the best song

Author — 1nsan3 ESF


Just hate how u have to pay so much for destroying peoples car like if i know its expensive im afraid of losing 20k its like gta punishes u for doing pvp

Author — Blake Brodd


Why did you leave out the dorito its the best plane ever kappa

Author — Irish


I belive the machine guns on the stromberg are the same ones as the smuggler run planes have, if you've got the advanced crosshair activated you can see that the crosshair looks the same but if you go into the deluxo, the crosshair will looks like the one you have on the buzzard's machine guns

Author — ThatGuy


I'm glad you included my favorites the savage and half track but I think the lazer is also really good especially for taking on group of jets

Author — Hummer Guy


Stromberg is simply one of the best vehicles ever added in this game, I really thank you for showing its potential

Author — Igor Seignemartin


0:25 "The starling is in another league" proceeds to fire about 50 missiles and misses them all.

Author — Rory M


Even without a gunner, the half-track is good for catching a tryhard offguard and squashing him. They almost always try to auto aim you.

FL Ruiner 2000 isn't god mode at all lol. Unless it's those people who only use lock on missiles. You can get auto aimed out, and helicopters can do well against it as long as you take your time and just wear them out.

Author — Project Helisexuality


I am a level 214 and 90% of the time I’m in combat and my personal favorites are:

For ground targets: Grab a civilian vehicle, go off radar, put C4 on vehicle, act like NPC until you get close, detonate.

For oppressor nerds: get out of your vehicle and use your mini gun when they fly by

For griefers who are somehow good at ground combat: Nano drone + RC Bandito + RC Tank

Author — Queff


The hunter's gunner camera stays level, while others turn and change angles with the aircraft as it moves around. Perfect for dodging lock on and other threats and still allowing the copilot to get a clear shot!

Author — Dude, what does cold blood dew do Dude?


Stromberg is great and my favorite vehicle . Another drawback in addition to those you mentioned is it bounces like a ball when it crashes or takes a rocket or explosive . Ive also noticed theres no need to wait on lock on so when the box moves pull the trigger that.

Author — strmclouds strmclouds


I love how everyone keep complaining when i use fully loaded ruiner and call me noob when they use oppressor mk2

Author — Justus Viitanen


Ghillie ur baby girl starling is dating mogul better do something quick

Author — Captain Cybertron


Can we see more videos of you knocking out tryhards?

Author — Doug Rodriguez