How to Grow Apple Trees - Complete Growing Guide

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

In this episode, we are talking about how to grow apple trees! They are some of the most iconic fruit trees for the home gardener and orchard but many people overcomplicate this very easy tree to grow. In this episode we will talk about fertilizing, sunlight, soil type, watering, pruning, training branches, and other care tips to get you growing apples of your own!

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1:09 – Transplanting success tips
2:45 – Pruning/Training
4:46 – Pollination requirements
5:36 – Fertilizing
6:27 – Hardiness/USDA Zones
7:54 – Watering
8:21 – Flowering
9:22 – Sunlight requirements

Author — Derek Grady


The only person I've ever heard of being allergic to apples is teaching me how to grow apple trees.

Author — Dirty Thirty Outdoors


Luke, I was allergic to apples from when I was a kid to about 21 years old. Then the allergy went away within the span of 1-2 years and now I can enjoy apples again without any discomfort. There's still hope for you!

Author — Nick Ohler


Every variety of fruit tree will have different requirements for chill hours, and cold hardiness. So be sure to look at chill hour requirements for various varieties and match them to the hardiness zone winter season in your climate. By selecting fruit trees that are more cold hardy, they typically require more chill hours, and the less winter hardy varieties will require way less chill hours, sometimes as little as 4 hundred. For pollination, not all trees actually require a pollinator, but most do; in addition, not all varieties will pollinate others, so always refer to a pollination chart that will match pollen compatible varieties and bloom time. There are 4 to 5 bloom cycles with apple trees ranging from early to late, and even if the pollen is compatible, but the bloom time isn't, your trees won't produce because the open blooms need to overlap the flowering cycle for cross pollination. That's why it's best to get fruit tress with the same flower cycle, or have flowering cycles on both sides for adequate overlap. For example, if you have two groups of apple trees and two groups of compatible pollinating trees, with a bloom cycle of 1 and 3. You'll most likely be okay to add a tree with #2 bloom cycle, as with the already pollen compatible matches of 1 and 3, from both the fruiting trees and pollinators, you'll most likely get enough flower cycle overlap to adequately pollinate your new #2 flowering cycle. Once again it's important to note varieties that are not capable of pollination, as regardless of their flower cycle, they are not capable of pollinating anything, they simply use pollen. Cheers!

Author — DIY Gardener


Thank you for this comprehensive tutorial! Apple trees are indeed amazing! I got an apple tree from my neighbour and it is grown from seed. It grew really well this year but I think it is still too small to put it in the ground (60cm). The variety is unknown to me since my neighbour was unsure about the spelling. It's a French decorative sort (it's pronounced 'elej /eley or sth). It has beautiful broad dark green to dark purple leaves. I intend to move it into a bigger container for the winter but not sure if it should stay outdoors, in the greenhouse or in the basement (16°C but dark). If it stays in the greenhouse (no heating there) does it needs watering and how often? It's an apple haven region where I live so the most apples are doing fine in winters. Do you have some ideas for this little guy? Thank you in advance!

Author — галина лалова


Excellent compressed tutorial, thanks!

I have an apple tree that is probably 30 years old and mostly surrounded by other trees. It doesn't get much sunlight and last year developed three apples. What do you recommend?

Also, I want to plant more, will I be better on well drained flat ground or well drained sloping ground?

Author — Daniel Engling


Love your video, it’s very benificial. Thank you, but want to touch on a point for those who are in zones 9, we have a few apples that are considered southern apples. So in so cal in here in Phoenix where I’m at, we have Anna, Dorset and ein Shemer apples, that only need about 200 chill hours.

Author — Branda SAR


I fertilized mine as soon as I planted them and my trees are growing like champs.

Author — Raul Casas


Hi Luke, best to train scaffolds the first year and many apple trees grow in Southern Ca. Watering is relative to time of year, soil, rainfall, root-stock and other factors. Deep watering is best.

Author — Grow Health TV


first and foremost, thank you for investing so much time and energy into educating those of us that also enjoy growing our own food! secondly, can you either suggest or publish a video/source regarding pruning apples trees that have been left unmaintained for years (and are completely out of control at this point!) we moved into our home a couple years ago and have three trees that are way beyond my skill set to get back to reasonable status and be able to actually enjoy some harvest. they are HUGE (i'd guess 25-30 ft tall!) and a tangled mess of branches. i would ceratinly appreciate any advice! (i'm also in michigan, so yes they do get sufficient chill hours too!) i have no idea how old they are (do they age to a point of bearing poor quality fruit?)

Author — brandeewyne


Thank you is! This was an excellent beginners video. I am looking forward to using these tips when we move to our next property!

Author — jaws23100


You make the best gardening videos, they are very helpful. Thank you!!

Author — Josh A


How long does it normally take for the branches to set after bending?

Author — russell killion


Hey, Luke! Thanks a lot for these videos. I live in Zone 6 and I'm planning on planting multiple types of apple trees. I'm reading a lot of conflicting opinions about the best time to plant apple trees: some say at the beginning of fall and others say at the beginning of spring. What would you say? Thanks!

Author — Oscar DonJuan


I grew a couple apple trees in Yuma, AZ. it gets cold in January and February. I did dig a 5 foot diameter hole where I was going to plant them and filled it with a dirt/mulch mix to get them going and planted where the sun wasn't going to kill them.

Author — K C


Great tips. I live in Northern California (zone 9) and hoping my apple tree will do well. Thank you!

Author — Silvana Gold


Thanks again Luke! I must say Ive not met anyone allergic to fresh apples before but very interesting. Do you know what it is that causes your issues or that makes it so you're able to eat them once cooked? Sorry for being so nosey but I & all of my fam have huge allergy issues & im just curious what the trigger is

Author — Sam P


Thank you, this helps a lot. I like that this guide for directly to the point and was very clearly worded.

Author — Stromo Vusciinii


This is great. So informative and you are very compelling to watch!

Author — Lydia hiri


HI Luke☺ I just purchased an apple tree that has 3 varieties on the one tree. Any advice on special care for such novelty trees? Thanks

Author — Sue Bar