New Years 2013 - Synchronized Epic Music (Heart of Courage) - FWSim Fireworks Display - HD

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Happy New Year, YouTube! :)

I hope you all had a pleasant party celebrating the dawning of a new year. We all made it, safe and sound, to the year 2013, and I wanted to continue the party by sharing this fireworks display I created & actualized. It took me a little over a week to complete, and I am very happy with the outcome. All of the shells are custom-made by me, and I take huge pride in the handiwork that went into bringing them to life. I hope you all enjoy the show. :)

The music choice used for this display is Thomas Bergersen's (Two Steps From Hell) "Heart of Courage." Truly a great musical arrangement.

The great software used to mastermind a production like this is FWSim.

Look for more displays in the near future!

Comments are welcome. :)

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Thank you for creating and sharing this. This is an amazing display. I would have thought it would have taken months to put together.
Thank you.

Author — bigcatwins


I would love to see the FWsim file for this creation. Superb framework!

Author — Rod D


Apesar de ser um trabalho executado em computador, gostei muito e apreciei imenso a sincronização musical. Obrigado pela partilha. (y)

Author — Orlando Santos


Love the firework simulation show! That was awesome! :D Love the music choice as well!

Author — Garnet Stone


Even computer generated, it is beautiful. Love the heart shapes. We'll probably see this in real life one day.

Author — Juniors Mom


I loved it so much! Thank you. My friend sent it to me from Hawaii for the Fourth of July. (Yesterday) I posted it for my friends who were amazed. Your work is flawless and greatly appreciated.

Author — Dax Snaer


Brutal! Excelente, espero vir a ver isto nao em computador, mas na vida real, um dia

Author — lusiadagirl


FWSim is a software you may use to create simulated firework. This one might be one of top ones won in contest. Great job!

Author — Debbie Liu


This is an amazing video show that you were able to create with FWSim.  Most things were very lifelike, and hopefully they were able to update the software in the past 2 years for some of the issues (randomize burnout rate, some colors a little too vivid, no smoke, too perfect of 3d shapes like the hearts, etc).

Keep up the great work!  If you haven't yet, I hope some day you get to help choreograph a live show.  You've definitely put a lot of work into it and have a great eye for it.

Author — Aaron Daniel


This is really useful for my school. Thank you so much!!!!



These are fantastic!!! Never seen fireworks as beautiful as these!!!

Author — Patricia Perry


Thank you! It's beautiful and hope I can see it in some 2025 fireworks new year show!

Author — barcelonalibre


Spectacular and really great no matter how it was created.  I actually like that it may not be lots of FRNs spent for a 1+ minute of thrills.  Great job guys! 

Author — Fortune Art


Umm, he already said he used FWSIM, which has a website of the same name to "simulate" fireworks. Good job and of course it isn't real, but virtual and hard work nonetheless. Kudos.

Author — wardsmitty


Magnifique, jamais vu un aussi beau et en vrai cela doit rendre encore plus! Merci et bravo

Author — Michele Wable


Wow ... beautiful. You are an artist of fire!

Author — AndreaSpeaksBand


Magnifique ! Félicitations aux artificiers !!!

Author — Claude Audouit


Merci - c'est absolument magique et magnifique - thank you -

Author — Pierre Andr DORMOY DECHAUMONT


Sou fascinado em fogo de artifício ... nunca vi nada disto ( absoluta obra prima ) !!!

Author — Antonio Lopes


What an amazing fantasy fireworks video. Love!!

Author — Ginger Holt