My 5 'complaints' on the 2016 Cadillac Escalade

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

This video goes over some of my complaints with the 2016 Cadillac Escalade. They are very minor complaints and I very much enjoy this car however I thought it was information that would be useful for others in the market for an escalade or even for current owners. If you liked the video please check out my others AND SUBSCRIBE!

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💬 Comments

OK kid, I’m not going to bash you too much on this but you need to give the truck back to mommy and daddy.

This video absolutely solidifies my reason behind previous ownership. As I’ve owned every Escalade since it debuted the progressive technological-innovation put inside of a 6, 000lb SUV is beyond belief. You complain too much, what’s your next complaint? That you have to close the door manually? That you have to get out of the truck to fill up gas?

I understand what you were trying to accomplish but starting this video by bashing older folks is literally dumbest shit I’ve ever seen! In less than 20 years, or from the time you were in dupers this truck was a myth, Cadillac was a boat of a car. In 3 generations of successful sales and innovation we have the new Escalade…from the HUD to reverse camera, to automatic rear doors and folding seats…this is something developed by the input of previous owners. You complain about not being able to reach the stereo, you as a child shouldn’t be messing with a stereo when driving anyways. HUD is designed to be used at night so unless you’re one of those douches that wares sunglasses at night it’s an issue none of us “other” people will ever encounter. As far as towing. Well kid…if you bought the truck yourself you would have been told this by the sales people. This is the same with many other GM vehicles, it’s in the owner’s manual.

I don’t like leaving negative reviews but this is ridiculous. Your complaints are completely pointless and irrelevant! You can barely see over the steering wheel anyways.

Author — Bates1994


Nice truck, beautiful interior, but it's not a 2016. This truck is a late edition 2015i, the 2016 and later models have a completely different gauge package. That said, all of the complaints listed in this video would be applicable to the 2016 and later Escalades also.

Author — Ken Brockington


Austin Campbell I do own a 2017 Escalade, and i gotta tell, your complains are pointless. You can move the seats to calibrate your arms length, the Wheel control is working for everything in this car, even the Taillights level of brightness. And the biggest part is, when you buy that car, you get something called "User Manual". A nice n clean 30 pages book for 5 Languages wich explains every function of this car i.e. turning the parking control off, for towing. So, you Mr22yoTechnicallyAdvanced, should learn to take some time and RTFM before talking shit.

Author — Ein Wanderer


Got an 2016 ESV & I love it to the moon & back💯 no complains whatsoever.

Author — 1UpTop Montana


have you experienced any of the vibration or buffeting problems with your Escalade?

Author — bodeans59


Pull your seat forward, take off the shades, and don’t touch any of the buttons.

Author — TONY 2017


Thanks for the info on backing up while towing. It happened to me and i've been looking for the fix. Very helpful.
Y'all leave my buddy alone.

Author — Mickey Johnson


I don’t get the hate here. The ergonomics, touchscreen infotainment, dim gauge cluster, and ride were all criticized when this came out. By real owners and professional reviewers. Personally I prefer the previous gen. Nice review Austin 👍

Author — Z N


Bouncing on messed up roads is part of an suv all of them drive like that

Author — Mason Perez


It’s not even his Escalade, it’s his dads lol

Author — jose28sz


What i hate .. is you have to use 91 octaine on a 6.2 or the engine starts to knock .. the rear solid axle bounces around a lot, the exhaust crossover is like 1.5 in cus of how its bent (not good for a 6.2 ) .. the whole thing feels like cheap alluminum boat .. suspension needs help

Author — skaterpro9111


If you can't reach the dash and you are short, then move the steering wheel, pedals and seat forward, seems kinda simple. and if having to turn off you rear sensors to tow is a complaint then maybe you are just a whiner, the rear sensors are there so you don't back into a wall, maybe you expect your Escalade to be able to tell the difference a trailer and a wall, or maybe since you sit so far back you can't reach the button to turn off the rear sensors. Perhaps a smaller truck would suit you better, just a thought..

Author — Dan Glen


I think it was the how you bought your s4 video you mentioned how you flipped cars and made a profit. I'm 18 and I'm interested in cars, but an 18 year old's job just doesn't pay enough to take up that kind of hobby. Would you make a video some time in the future explaining your thought process behind flipping a car from buying the car to selling it? How do you buy a car and sell it for thousands more? What are things you can do to increase the value of a car? What kind of tools will I need? Have you ever completly lost your investment?
You seem to have taken youtube much more seriously and I think if you made an in depth video about this it would help more traffic flow to your channel (I just really want this video).

Author — Tartar Sauce


Great video. Can't wait to see what's in the future!

Author — Preston Holt


It bounces and rides harsh because of its pickup truck based suspension. Doesn’t belong in a “luxury” suv. A Range Rover for instance has fully modern and much more sophisticated air suspension on all 4 corners so it’s more comfortable and controlled. The Escalade is also body on frame so it’s going to jiggle more on rough roads. It’s essentially a pickup truck underneath and no amount of bling will hide it.

Author — Simon Strother


I love it.. thinking about getting this truck now..

Author — Mrs. Reyes


just a word of advice. Dont apologize for being absent, because people 3 years later wont care.

Author — Paul Takita


u can move the seat for the first complains

Author — Drissa


I'm 55 years for the Insults... Now quit complaining and change your diaper.

Author — Steven Martinez


Your complaints are seriously so pointless bro lmao

Author — Luis Martinez