Neophyte - Strictly Underground (Official Videoclip)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Casting gabbers: Core Chain Studio


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Best day ever❤️ happy to be part of it

Author — Gabber Dolls


🆕The long-awaited premiere from Neophyte🤘🏻🖤

Neophyte and hardcore - these concepts are inseparable. Jeroen Streunding, known to the world as Neophyte, has been not just the leading artist of the gabber scene for almost 30 years, almost the entire time of the existence of hardcore, Neophyte is one of the founders of hardcore. His musical path is the history of hardcore in its development: Neophyte is the main participant in the crazy projects Masters of Ceremony and Bodylotion, the head of the most authoritative labels Neophyte Records and Terror Traxx. It would take more than one page to list his accomplishments, his status is truly unique and no other hardcore artist enjoys such an enthusiastic adoration of gabbers around the world, whose eyes light up when they see Neophyte behind the turntables!

Author — ULTRA RaveLand Society


I want more hardcore like this. Love this kick

Author — Alex M. C.


Ja super gaaf. Gewoon strskke millennium melodie en nieuwe kick. Net als Lord of Justice. Dit werkt eg wel!

Author — Remon Groot, de


Ik wil dit nummer 100x liken godverdomme 😂 @Neophyte dit is de classic style die we missen geweldig nummer thx broeder

Author — Good-Guys-Hardcore


Nice! Wij waren erbij 💪 mooiste tijd van ons leven. Nog steeds niet weg never dies 👍

Author — Björn


Honored to be a part of this amazing clip

Author — Diana Janssen


Door dit voel ik dat het kleine beetje gabber in mij toch nog wel in me aanwezig is waar is toch die gouwe ouwe tijd gebleven dat gabbers elkaar nog groete op straat ik mis die tijd 😞🤝🏻👊🏻

Author — Dennis De Groot


ja lekker dan :D Zit weer goed in elkaar!

Author — Marco heykant


Respect 4 Neophyte, listen it in my childhood the tracks like Execute, Hardcore 2 tha bone, fuck Martine, i will have that power to mention some where unforgettable, and still producing Hardcore, playing liveacts and runs with Neophyte Records one of the 2 (MoH) biggest hardcore labels, i've going to party's from 1998 i think that Neophyte is the one i've watched the most Liveacts a long time he was everywhere, Megarave closing up Mysteryland in 2001, did the Old and New on 24 o clock in Rebound in 2001 than on Thunderdome, Hardcore 4 LIFE realy everywhere, than he cames to a party in my hometown in 2002 as the only top dj to close up 2 hours but banging almost 3 ours the only time that i could't walk home without help my legs did't work anymore totaly danced to pieces,

Neophyte 4 LIFE ❤️

Author — Jamie Schouten


So, do I detect a '30 years of terror' album coming out next year?

Author — Buck Rodgers


Dit is geweldig dit is mooi, beter dan die piepcore van tegenwoordig, bedankt man👍

Author — Martijn Sweegers


where can i get more neophyte merch? i already bought a few things on 100%hardcore but i need more lol

Author — wolf ig


Why only 2.27min? Miss the days where tunes where 5min and way more.

Author — X


I've always wanted to go to Europe and do this. USA has none of this style here

Author — Ronin


goede filmpje met na druk toen neo begon in 93 en nu nog maar het nummertje klinkt als broken chain angerfist standaard beat net als de rest tegenwoordig geef mij maar de oude neophyte

Author — half kaal teefje kale terreur


Ja! DIT is hardcore zoals het hoort te zijn. Blijkbaar is Neophyte zo'n stijfkop die die onnozele trend van piepkicks zo laat, gelukkig maar!
Yes! THIS is hardcore as it should be. It seems like Neophyte is such a stubborn guy who does not care about that stupid hype of peepkicks, fortunately!

Author — Stevie E


Nope hardly body lotion make you its all popcorn beats 2020

Author — chris d


ik mis the old school 1997 tm 2008 maar steeds blijf ik thuis draaien mis het

Author — Jan Willem van Gerwen


A Way Of Life (neooo7) en ik kan maar niet wennen aan die grafkicks tegenwoordig 😫

Author — Pieter Vlasman