Geek Box Unboxing | August & September 2019

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Are you a geek at heart? We've found the subscription box for you! We love the range of items that My Geek Box sends, from t-shirts to pop figures this box has it all for the geeks out there! And this video is just a small sample size of what they offer! They have so many awesome options on their website for you to explore!
They get bonus points from us for offering women's shirts as well! Not having to order a men's small shirt, but actual shirts meant for women! Super cool in our book!

Check them our for yourself with our affiliate link below:

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We received this box as a promotional item for the purposes of posting our honest review. This in no way influences the way we feel about these products. All opinions are our own.

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+10 points for the Gold Member reference!

Plus, Rick and Morty is hilarious.

Author — Alec Ryan Moriarty


Damn...speed unboxings LOL!! 😂 I think you set a record.

Author — John O


Nentendo Jason!! Good catch I recognized it immediately to. The rick and morty stuff is a toss out though the creator Dan Harmon is a sick person

Author — Dustin Knight


August was better I thought but I'm not a fan of Star Trek or Rick and Morty. The Nintendo shirt was the best thing in the boxes.

Author — Carrie's Nest


Since you don’t watch Rick and Morty or Star Trek. The sept box didn’t connect with you. But Rick and Morty is awesome

Author — antwane fort


If you're looking to unload any of that Rick and Morty swag, hit me up!

Author — Steven Von Gerlachter


I've never even heard of Rick and Morty!

Author — Diane Estes