GOP-Controlled Senate Finds Trump Not Guilty, But Mitt Romney Honors His Oath And Votes To Convict

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GOP-Controlled Senate Finds Trump Not Guilty, But Mitt Romney Honors His Oath And Votes To Convict 5

Stephen Colbert has made a lot of jokes about Mitt Romney over the years, but today our host honors the only Republican Senator to stand up and defend the United States Constitution by voting to impeach President Trump. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert

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When Mitt took that long pause, he must be thinking that he just kiss his remaining political career good bye. But history will remember him as the lone boy that stood up to the school bully.

Author — Richard Chung


Gotta give Romney credit. He is not someone I agree with on a lot of things, but he is an honorable man.

Author — Mike & Ike


“To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Author — Thierry Verhoeven


I'm not even religious, but I found that speech by Romney and Colbert's follow up quite moving.

Author — Scorpius Jones


Imagine a world where people actually did what was right and spoke the truth.

Author — Brittany Smith


By refusing to allow witnesses to speak and evidence to be produced, does this not mean that the republicans are guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal?

Author — johnasmith1


Never been a fan of Mitt Romney.
I'm also a staunch atheist.
His speech was incredibly touching and sincere.
I could feel those words and he meant every one of them.
That's what morals and integrity can do when they're upheld.
I am amazed and have gain alot of respect for Mitt today.
Thank you sir.
I'm sorry your fellow Republicans, and the president himself, will drag you through the mud for this.
You dont deserve it.

Author — Lee_trn


While I disagree with Mitt Romney on many things, that moment when he went silent out of the overwhelming emotion he felt speaking of his oath to God was indeed a drink of water in the desert. His nobility showed through at that moment. His manhood showed through at that moment. His love of country shone at that moment. I cannot thank Stephen enough for the quote from A Man for All Seasons. I would hold the image of holding yourself in your own hands like water when taking an oath. How wonderful, what great teaching.

Author — D.P. Snyder


*NEVER thought I would say this, but "Thank You Mitt Romney".*
*I'm a questioner when it comes to religion and my biggest pet peeve about those who profess to fear and believe in a God, But when it comes to proving that faith, and walk the right path, they IMMEDIATELY abandon any guidance that their own religion expects of them.*

*But IMO, Mitt Romney, even though I disagree on NUMEROUS issues that surround him, ("Corporations are people my friend"), HAS proven his character when it came to his beliefs, and for that I respect you sir.*

Author — Advocate For A TYT Canada


The ironic thing about GOP senators being afraid of Trump is that they created him.

Author — Knee Knockers


That was surprisingly deep and heartfelt from Stephen. And while I’ve never been a Romney fan, I must admire that he stood tall while others slithered off into the shadows.

Author — Peter Anon


Romney's vote is the perfect example of what values and ethics mean. These two concepts are real only when there is risk to the person who is adhering to them. Without that risk they are nothing more than empty phrases. Most times these two concepts are considered noble but they are really quite scary because to actually adhere to them, you may have to risk quite a bit.

Author — Bob Lowney


Wow, Romney's speech was intense. And so was Colbert's. It heals the soul to hear good men speak the truth in this time of turmoil. Now please everyone, vote for a decent candidate next election. We need it !

Author — Groovy Bear


"Trump is going to change."

I legit burst out into laughter. Best joke of the year so far.

Author — James S


Holy shit now that's how you do a monologue. Poignant, informative, and hilarious. Best late night host on television.

Author — NoWayJose


Never in my life did I think for a minute that I would feel this respect for Mitt Romney. He's no saint and has done some pretty crappy things but this show of bravery was a wonderful shock. Here's to his honesty, a breath of fresh air 💜

Author — sketchypheebs


I do sincerely respect Mitt Romney and John McCain for their oaths to God.

Author — THU ZAC


“Why can’t he be president? Thanks Obama”
That was one of the best most thought out jokes I have heard him say

Author — Alana Benitez


The most real moment of television I’ve seen in a long time.

Author — knitternetty


Now that it's all over can we give props to to the guy in charge of the graphics? The Don and the Giant Impeach graphics have been a real delight through all of this.

Author — CaptainJohnKeel