Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: An Unbridled Rage

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: An Unbridled Rage 4.5

So, the original video got claimed by Universal and I tried several times to correct it to their specifications but now its just a wide claim across the whole video.

I have removed any and all footage that isn't covered by fair use and if they claim it again, I will be taking the appeal process as far as I can.

This rage is about the new Jurassic film and my goodness the script was awful. Though, from the trailer, did you expect anything else?

I suppose at this point I should define this series of mine and I would personally call it a biased assessment of a film with the goal of entertaining through comedy and information.

And here is a link to Wolf's video:

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Friendly reminder that the writers for this mess are also working on the Rise of Skywalker

Author — Sting Wookie


“We shouldn’t allow our children to grow up in a world without dinosaurs”. Just... let that sink in. The writers made that, the director approved that, they left that in...

Author — Top Snek


I love how that tranq dart keeps Blue asleep for hours but Starlord wakes up in 10 minutes and he’s about a ton less weight. Lucky he’s a Ketamine junkie and has a elephant sized tolerance to tranqs with all that lava coming.

Author — anthony liccardo


Best line of the entire video:
"You're going to sell them on the black market? Who is this idea for, Russians or something? Are they going to invade America on top a Actually, that would be a better film. Make that film." XD

Author — DorianVey


When you called her "Heels" it made me realise... her entire character is being a redhead with a bob wearing heels.

Author — Annie Banannie


Really curious about if you got hit with a dumb copyright strike after that fantastic intro

Author — 24 Frames Of Nick


“They were here first”... they have been dead for millions of years... not a single one of them is “native” to that island, hell that island probably didn’t even exist when these things roamed the earth. On top of that they are all genetically altered clones of the original DNA sources. You could probably argue these things aren’t even technically dinosaurs or the same species their being labeled as depending on how extensive that genetic alteration is. Calling them chimeras would probably be more accurate to what they are by definition.
The Indominus Rex and Indo-Raptor are just straight up chimeras without debate.

Author — BigBroLittleSis1


Imagine having a gun with a laserpointer, that requires a trained Indo Raptor to be nearby to attack your mark, instead of just pulling the trigger on the gun to fire bullets at your mark. Was this some 300 iq plan B solution for when you run out of ammo before all enemies are dead?

Author — Ronbest


"The first one made sense"

Jurassic Park made so much sense that people were legit asking scientists at the time "can we actually do this and if not why not?"

Author — CaptC0ck5Lap


Supposedly the writers of this film are also responsible for _Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalker._ And let me tell you, it’s showing.

Author — Dr Bright


Do you know how much it would cost the military just to feed these so called "weapons" every month, they aren't like traditional weapons during peacetime that simply only need storage. There would have to be dedicated teams of men to keep them fit and alive and the cost wouldn't just be outrageous it would literally be unsustainable. To top it off dinosaurs are not even remotely suitable for modern war, one predator drone with one missile and that money dumpster would be rendered useless within mere seconds. It's as if the writers are from the middle ages and have absolutely zero common knowledge of modern life and warfare. You would literally have to have lived in total isolation for the past 500 years to even consider fucking "dinosaurs" for any sort of military application.

Author — Psychological Psychopath


17:30 Oh, you're dead.
You suffocate first off (this is what actually kills people). If you don't the ash would scald you to death, but not before it caused your lungs to peel from the inside out filling them with blood and suffocating you for a new, fun reason. If your lungs are wolverine levels of indestructable you get to suffer the experience of having your skin sandblasted off with micro-fine glass. Of course this appears to be a pretty rapid moving surge deposit so it would also bury and crush you, if the boulders and rocks carried along didn't just smash you to death. Even if that doesn't kill you volcanic deposits may contain dangerous doses of metals such as arsenic and lead. If you somehow survive the suffocation, scalding, internal burns, literal wall of ash and rock, and potential metal poisoning, fine-grained volcanic glass causes micro-damage to your lungs that drastically increases your cancer risk and would massively decrease lung use over the next 10-20 years.
So you suffocate, burn, bleed, get crushed, may be poisoned, and then get cancer.

Author — MrCharles7994


"I am so very british that when you hear my voice you will throw tea in the sea just to feel safe."

Author — Vollification


Why is Star Lord so excited to get back to his surrogate child - an overgrown feral chicken that betrayed him twice!

Great writing. 🤣

Author — Winston White


CGI is the most awesome force Hollywood has ever seen, but you wield it like a kid that's found his dad's gun..

Author — Tacit Blue


Yes if a pyroclastic flows catches you, that is instant death. Unless you have some breathing system that can stop microscopic super heated peices of volcanic glass and lava. Oh and the lack of oxygen

Author — Sexpun


I love the fact the Luke milk scene is now used for everything that makes no sense and is total and utter bullshit. Thank you Last Jedi for giving us that meme. It's the one decent thing you did.

Author — Roadside_Fury


Freedom or chasing a little girl?
Normal Dino: freedom

Author — So confused


It really pisses me off that every movie after the original was just a "check in each box" feature.
People running - check.
Rex, raptors, and at least one new predator in each film - check.
Some element of nostalgia - check.
Dinosaurs play to human emotions/interaction rather than animal instinct or laws of nature - check.

Kids insignificant to the outcomes of the story who have a heroic moment, then continue to be a hindrance to the main characters - check.
There are fantastic storylines, unexplored features and new elements that are completely watchable. Movie makers HAVE to make a box office hit, which defeats the entire message of the first film. The movie makers have, in fact, become John Hammond himself. Malcolm's warning in the boardroom in the first film applies to the entire existence of the film franchise, not just the concept of the park.

Author — Ron Stallworth


Volcanic Ash is 1000 degrees and he runs through that shit, he's sure not the son of a celestial in only 1 franchise

Author — Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed