Worlds best cheap rc car live review

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Better power tool tips
Soldering Iron

GPS Speed Meters

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since max doesn't even know how to turn on a dumborc, try turning the throttle dual rate down before handing it to him. you can do that so children don't break your toys

Author — @shadyhazza


I wouldn’t let Max change the batteries in my transmitter 😂😂

Author — @user-hg9sj9wz5v


I love mine! I just wish they made better driveshafts and offered a metal spur gear.

Author — @jacobsparks4419


I know you are extremely busy eith everything going on and the move and all but i absolutely love watching your love stream stuff. Would really enjoy more of it. And when you get to talk to your fans its really nice when you are able to do that

Author — @brandonzeiders5273


Hi Kevin love the videos I've got a xmaxx, ftx6s and hpi baja 8s but not had time to use them yet love the monster truck vid aswell keep up the great videos

Author — @stevenjohnson1117


Kevin, did you ever think about getting your pilots license anyway the videos are awesome keep up the good work

Author — @ginopace668


Nice run, entertaining too see live video. Looks like you having a great time 👍

Author — @electricnitrorc


Looks like its not as tough as the original, yes to Max getting his own and doing what he wants to do to yours 👍

Author — @KR-ff5kz


Kev we need to see the new Outcast 8S get the Talbot test! Also I see a lot of posts saying it tops the X-Maxx!

Author — @dstjamesrc6395


Loving the vids as always kev keep up with the top notch content you n raz saffron have the best video content going by Miles always good to watch with a cupper

Author — @bennson5f


i like watching max have a go but not when he does what he did with the boat. I get durability testing but nothing good was gonna happen driving straight at the wall lol.

Author — @mech0p


Hiya, I have been enjoying your channel over the last couple of weeks.
I have been thinking of getting a car. But for me it has to be in a kit.
I’ve built a several Tamyia cars. I found making them was as much fun as driving them. So I’m looking for an electric car, 1/10 or 1/8, I like the Traxxas xmaxx look. But I cant find any cars like that in kit form. Maybe you could do an episode on the best kit Bashers available.
Keep those vids coming dude. :)

Author — @MrStevedude12


first one i couldn't finish. the gear sound had my skin crawling lol. hopefully there is a part two :)

Author — @buckrogers2752


Yeah, doesn't seem as tough as the original. Think I like the originals paint scheme better too.

Author — @Pablo668


Good job max it was toast before you touched it. Lol. Kevin destroying everything lol.

Author — @kjflyte5088


Had 3 runaways now with my Kraton exb and dumbo radio. Switching everything over to gt5 for my cheaper radio ones.

Author — @thejeepinrealtor5742


I'm thinking of getting this for my daughter now that she's getting better at driving her ftx carnage💪

Author — @paulbrett9964


Great content. Would be better without all the camera shaking though

Author — @bobolones6834


When do you start your flying lessons Kev??

Author — @sheiladavis2304


Max is the original Maximum Destruction

Author — @therealcletusrc