Marianne Williamson: US economy skewed in favor of few people

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Marianne Williamson: US economy skewed in favor of few people 4

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson breaks down her economic plan to CNN's Christi Paul. #CNN #News

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Wow, impressive. 10/10. She juked that establishment reporter like a pro.

Author — Jf H


This presenter literally just responded “alrighty”, after a presidential candidate made a pretty good case for automation killing us.

She probably should find a new job

Author — Matthew Williamson


People say she's 'out there', but she knows what she's talking about on this!

Author — William Miller


She is back, guys. It is her - Marianne.

Author — Diogennes theSinope


"Who's to say they wouldn't spend it frivolously?" I do hope she was playing devil's advocate there, because if not, that was both insulting and mind bendingly ignorant on so many levels.

Author — Square Peg


I love her. She's smart unlike Trump. He's an idiot. I cant believe she's doing an interview at 3 35 in the morning. Wow.

Author — Herr Drumpf


Marianne is so intelligent and articulate, I hope she qualifies for the next debate.

Author — Klara White


This woman just said some of the most powerful statements i have heared all month, maybe all year

Author — Othomile Maruping


This interviewer is clueless... I hope her eyes and minds are being opened.

Author — mllecd24


this interviewer is not objective and needs better training. "Alrighty?" Candidate Williamson is what would be good for the world, not just USA.

Author — TwoWorlds


Damn, I like this woman. Her and Yang need to team up

Author — humans inc


If you’re reading this, you’re awesome :)

-Josh Otusanya

Author — Joshua Otusanya


The interviewer is offensive. She’s clearly never been poor enough to worry about the basics in life like food and clothes and shoes.

Author — Jennifer McGoldrick


What a witch doing the interviewing. It makes me angry that media treats Marianne Williamson as if she's clueless about government and governing. Ms. Williamson is actually quite brilliant and tuned in to the needs of the people and the earth. She needs much more positive coverage in the media. She deserves it and we deserve her. Every time I hear her speak I become more in favor of her and less in favor of the popular candidates.

Author — Danielle jachowicz


*Who else misses old, funny comments and not just people begging for likes and subs?*

Author — Tomzy FN


Marianne is amazing! The framing of these questions is ridiculous.
Meanwhile... Biden- who is so senile and unintelligible that his campaign refuses to put him up for a debate about how to handle the biggest threat of our time [maybe of our species]- gets a heart to heart sitdown with Anderson Cooper about grief... a topic that Biden has enough firsthand experience with to make a decent impression.
🙇🏽‍♀️ Please stop selectively trying to frame certain candidates as less reasonable while attempting to bolster others.

Author — Stephanie Love


#ADOS are a group with a specific justice claim. The #ADOS movement demands a specific agenda with policy prescriptions that address the losses stemming from the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration and immigration.
Without specific measures being instituted, #ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country.

Keep talking about reparations Marianne!!

#ADOS #tangibles2020 #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #DataMatters @ToneTalks @BreakingBrown

Author — Raymond Fields


She knows corrupt capitalism isn't good and we need a system that is good for our future.

Author — photoshopknight


I like how she credits one of her competitors for his thoughts and plans. Nice to have these people lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down. Even before Trump there was mudslinging, but I'm seeing a lot of the OPPOSITE of that right now in the Dem Primary, minus some drama with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The progressives are not tearing each other down... Not only is that awesome to see unity like that, but this is NEW in modern American politics.

I'm glad Marianne is running. She won't win, but she is definitely helping, which maybe is the point.

Author — empbac


That "corporate democrat " slip was hilarious. 😆

Author — Max Winters