SCP-682 VS SCP-173 [SFM]

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The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! SCP 173 VS SCP 682!
This termination test on 682 was conducted by Dr. Cryslar. This video took a lot of effort so dont forget to share it! Also feel free to join the discord! Comment down what I should do next!


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The actual crosstest: 682 stares at 173 for a day and a half before personnel shoot out his eyes then he just grows invincible eyes and stares at 173 for another day.

Author — Lord Of Satire


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how our peanut just shuts 682 up, then 682 proceeded to show how they shouldn't shut him up

Author — Shortest WolfYT


SCP - 173 is a *GREAT* example of sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt *ME*

Author — ARISEN


Fun fact :- SCP 682 stared at peanut boi for literally a whole day until his eyes were shot and then it grew million of eyes all over its bodies .
Conclusion :- He is scared of SCP 173 .



The fact that even 682 is afraid of 173 is baffling... and the way he just eats 173 in the end is just great to see he won’t have to worry about seeing him anymore...

Author — 28godzilla


The part when 173 shuts him up is the equivalent of typing a long paragraph and saying


Author — Gaming Cat


This was canonically attempted. It was a stale mate caused by the most epic staring contest of all time. 173 actually terrifies 682

Author — shadowsa2b


Scp-682: *When I break out of this containment-*
Scp-173: *Raise your hand sweetie.*

Author — Just A Friendly Axolotl in Space


I just love when 682 is talking about revenge 173 just shuts him up

Author — Adam'


"They will perish"

SPC 173: "I missed the part where I asked."

Author — Tristan


682: when i free from this torture i will wipe out human-
173: *shut*

Author — Jack_Darkrai


Okay, so... I cannot say how wrong this is. 682 is extremely intellectual and when 173 was put is his containment cell 682 acted scared, backed up to the wall, and kept is unblinking eyes on 173. Even when the SCP foundation guards shot out his eyes he responded to the attack (like he always does) by growing invisible eyes all over his body.

Author — theawesomeJJ


I find it funny stopping 682's monologue was just enough to tip the boiling point lmao.

Author — Grid Wolf


Best way to contain both of them would be to *keep* the friggin' lights off, always.

Author — MidnightDStroyer


173 is the oldest SCP in Foundation custody. Nobody knows how long they've had it - where it came from. Although well known to be artificial, records of it's containment are self-contradicting. It is sometimes called "Mr. Peanut" but is more often called the "Sculpture" No attempt at communication with it has met with any success, until this experiment; which was Authorized by the 05-Council, although Mr. Peanut did not volunteer for it. This story has a happy ending (sort of) > the lives of only 3 D personnel were lost in securing and containing the SCPs, on the plus side, they got to test some equipment, and -682 fell for the fake -173, so the SCPF got off light this time, SCP-096 versus -682 cross test was even worse!

Author — FanAdict477


Scp 682: "talking about revenge"

Peanut boi: "stranger danger"



What happens to SCP173 when it's placed under a light that blinks 1000 times a second?
The flashes are so fast that the human eye would perceive the light to constantly be on. But anything happening during that dark cycle of the flash wouldn't be perceivable until the next bright cycle.
So on a timescale it might be like this:
1/1000s: Light is on. 173 is still.
2/1000s: Light is off. 173 moves a tiny distance.
3/1000s: Light is back on. 173 is still once again, our eyes can see it in the new location.

Maybe there is a time threshold for lack of visual perception before 173 can move, so we could slowly decrease the flash frequency to determine this.
So if 173 needs to be out of view for 3ms before it can move, then the fastest flashing we could expose it to would be around 330hz in order to 'see' it moving.

Just some random thought I had.

Author — Dan Coulson


Scp-173: Do you have a peanut allergy?
Scp-682: n-no?
Scp-173: *Y O U W I L L*

Author — hoody coo


Love how he's interupted with a broken jaw, then fixes it and proceeds to silently stare down at the peenut.

Author — Drazoric


Scp-173 could stop 682, hear me out. 682 is scared of 173 because its very fast and powerful plus it’s basically indestructible. 682 could only adapt to this by creating more eyes on its body which doesn’t really help him escape nor fight. So it would just be a never ending staring contest and 682 can’t do nothing about it.

Author — Random person