Naughty Babies Love To Climbing Every Time - Trouble Maker

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Naughty Babies Love To Climbing Every Time - Trouble Maker 4
▽ Name: Naughty Babies Love To Climbing Every Time - Funny Baby
Funny babies trouble maker climbing

Welcome to the Pew Baby. Their cuteness is about to rule the whole planet so we'd better watch out! If you are Babies lovers, you are in the right place. Pew Baby is where you can love and live with babies from all over the world. Make sure to hit the small red button called "Subscribe" to get more videos about them.
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My heart was in my stomach watching this... I’d be running over to most of these kids not videoing it!

Author — Natasha Letourneau


I question the parents sitting there filming rather than grabbing their kid and letting them know they shouldn't do that. Some of these kids could have been seriously injured.

Author — Zeze Douglas


Kids have a toxic relationship with kitchens that’s what I learned watching this

Author — Sandra Enciso


how can you just sit there and film your child climb over a cooker...what if it was on ?? CLEVER PARENTS ??? NOT

Author — kelly levy


I actually remember doing like this myself as a toddler and i once took a pix of my seven year younger sister at 14months climbing shelfs she could barely reach from one to another but found her hanging in her arms in the top shelf at 2, 2mhigh. I barely dared to breath when calling muy mom since i wasnt tall enough to reach her down. Babies are really little monkies

Author — Lotte Sørensen


Oh yes lets laugh now and then freakbout later when they climb on a hot stove or into a heated oven.
Good grief no common sense what so ever!

Author — Mo Fairwell


All these parents watching their kids climb stoves, fall on their head and face...smh
Although the kid climbing the fridge is insanely talented

Author — Sophia373


Esse menino que sobe na geladeira, se deixar ele sobe no telhado; um perigo.

Author — Maria da luz Almeida


Tem baby's can climb.

The y get stuck 😂🤦

Author — Key Ford


Интересно, взрослые хотели ли бы быть на месте этих малышей.
Они через секунду упадут, или - уже. Вместо помощи - съёмка на телефон.

Author — Lara Fada


Not funny when the child is hurt, crying and scared!

Author — Grace Keller


What sort of parent decides to film there kid climbing knowing very well they will fall?! Just stupid and reckless parents!

Author — michelle howard


Are those parents are drunk most of them could stop them seriously very annoying

Author — Shaz Khan


Like seriously it was hard to watch. Nerve wrecking....

Author — Ash


Meu Deus como eles são fortes e espertos. Perfeito Deus abençoe as crianças!

Author — lilian rosalia


the bottom line here....everyone learned some important lesson by simply watching this videos...

Author — Sharish Lindayao


The title should be: Naughty Parents Letting Their Babies Climb Every Time - Trouble Makers.

Author — Art Vale


This is not funny be carful with this kids

Author — amanda nunez


Cute♡but it looks dangerous.
귀욤♡ 좀 위험해보이긴하지만~

Author — 전ᆞᄒᄎ


All the fridge clips was very dangerous ... I'm very upset with their parents .... psycho ...😡😡😡😡

Author — Bn Rohi