Coronavirus Pandemic Update 78: Mask Controversy; Vaccine Update for COVID-19

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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 78: Mask Controversy; Vaccine Update for COVID-19 5

The CDC and WHO have conflicting recommendations on some aspects of the use of face coverings and masks, and Dr. Seheult reviews a NEJM article showing respiratory droplet spread with and without a mask. There are many COVID-19 vaccine trials in the works and "RAPS" appears to be a nice website to track vaccine progress.
(This video was recorded on Jun 1, 2020)

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- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 71: New Data on Adding Zinc to Hydroxychloroquine +


Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

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If WHO wants to save masks for health care providers, they should say so. They're saying " if you're healthy you don't need to wear a mask", does not account for asymptomatic carriers who do not know they're healthy - and they know that. Lying to the people backfires when the people find out you are lying. They become skeptical of everything else you say.

Автор — barbara henninger


Been following this since January and this is the only one I follow aside from Dr John Campbell. Kudos and stay safe and well

Автор — Drew


@MedCram. Saying from a thirld world country. If anyone in the world can afford an underwear they can afford a face mask (i.e., face cloth, DYI mask etc. NOT surgical or N95.)
Please, don't say WHO is not changing mask recommendation thinking about third world countries. They don't. If they would do, they wouldn't advice over and over for lockdown in these countries. People are dying here from starving during lockdown. They would have think of something useful for third world countries.
I appreciate CDC for quickly changing there recommendation on using face masks/cloth. But, WHO are just being stubborn to back up their all other wrong statements such as "no airborne transmission" and no long term immunity and others.

Автор — Nashit Chowdhury


Best channel on Youtube. Am I the only one that would buy/wear a "MedCram Junkie" t-shirt if there was such a thing?

Автор — Jan Lange


I wish I had half the energy you demonstrate. Thanks for all your work!

Автор — sd4dfg2


I would love to hear a detailed lecture into the specifics in vaccine testing and what it takes to reach completion.

Автор — infinitycrops


i love all your videos and from the bottom of my heart thank you for doing them. the only problem i have, and have ever had with any of your videos is this part right here. the way he says "healthy" is different when wearing a mask, and not wearing a mask. i still believe we should be wearing masks yes. but i dont think he had to exaggerate during the demonstration. a real pity and shame.

Автор — kc cho


I am writing from Minneapolis. We see You, feel You, and Thank You!

Автор — Anthony Clark


In the way back machine When people started speculating that they could buy masks at a low price and sell them back later, that is a sign that the market is anticipating that they would be of some Marginal benefit. The alphabet soup organizations lost all legitimacy when they came to confiscate people who took these precautions and market actions.

Автор — Aethel Yfel


Thank you!!! I've been following you since your early updates and you've been a wealth of resource. Always looking forward to another update

Автор — Mauliola Watson


What’s interesting about the NEJM study about masks was that the mask used was a slightly damp washcloth. Did they not do a comparison using a dry mask?

Автор — Ms Smite


Thank you for the video Dr.! Does anyone know how to email him to ask his opinion on something? Thanks!

Автор — Das Sheep


Amazing stuff here, thanks for the video!!

Автор — Bloodtopaz


Great updates! Thanks. Suggestion: when referencing the Worldometer graphs, tick the box underneath for the 7-day moving average ... really helps to see the trend. Personally don't think 3-day moving average adds anything.

Автор — Hugh Evans


"Stay healthy" champagne shower

Автор — Reno Raines the BH


Thank you, you're awesome! I hope you could do one of Avifavir, greetings from Guatemala!

Автор — Ana Regina Coronado


I love the "STAY HEALTHY" and very informative video, thank you as always.

Автор — Monica


Fantastic job, watched today your two new videos and 50min weekly. About mask, difference seems to be huge, masks should continue to be used as before but i personally have seen even doctors like laryngologist who moves around clinic with mask (just cloth) but not on the nose with 2-3 patients being/siting beside, and talking with some other patient when other watching, when in very close contact with patient i think doctor used his cloth masks but still all people should be more cautious.. just saying, it would be wise to use at least fpp2 mask in such settings, i was the only one probably there using it (plus glasses and some amatorish not wide shield visor).

Автор — Alamar3


What type of cloth(s) is effective for a face covering?

Автор — Bob Collins