Coronavirus Pandemic Update 78: Mask Controversy; Vaccine Update for COVID-19

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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 78: Mask Controversy; Vaccine Update for COVID-19 5

The CDC and WHO have conflicting recommendations on some aspects of the use of face coverings and masks, and Dr. Seheult reviews a NEJM article showing respiratory droplet spread with and without a mask. There are many COVID-19 vaccine trials in the works and "RAPS" appears to be a nice website to track vaccine progress.
(This video was recorded on Jun 1, 2020)

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- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 71: New Data on Adding Zinc to Hydroxychloroquine +


Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

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Author — MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY


If WHO wants to save masks for health care providers, they should say so. They're saying " if you're healthy you don't need to wear a mask", does not account for asymptomatic carriers who do not know they're healthy - and they know that. Lying to the people backfires when the people find out you are lying. They become skeptical of everything else you say.

Author — barbara henninger


Best channel on Youtube. Am I the only one that would buy/wear a "MedCram Junkie" t-shirt if there was such a thing?

Author — Jan Lange


Been following this since January and this is the only one I follow aside from Dr John Campbell. Kudos and stay safe and well

Author — Drew


@MedCram. Saying from a thirld world country. If anyone in the world can afford an underwear they can afford a face mask (i.e., face cloth, DYI mask etc. NOT surgical or N95.)
Please, don't say WHO is not changing mask recommendation thinking about third world countries. They don't. If they would do, they wouldn't advice over and over for lockdown in these countries. People are dying here from starving during lockdown. They would have think of something useful for third world countries.
I appreciate CDC for quickly changing there recommendation on using face masks/cloth. But, WHO are just being stubborn to back up their all other wrong statements such as "no airborne transmission" and no long term immunity and others.

Author — Nashit Chowdhury


are we seriously STILL debating about masks 6 months in?

Author — Chris W


it's amazing how many scientists and virologists have come to write comments here

Author — Marcus Licinius Crassus Consul Italy


What’s interesting about the NEJM study about masks was that the mask used was a slightly damp washcloth. Did they not do a comparison using a dry mask?

Author — Ms Smite


I would love to hear a detailed lecture into the specifics in vaccine testing and what it takes to reach completion.

Author — infinitycrops


One of the most frustrating aspects of the pandemic information is that it is contradictory. Especially the masks, when early on masks didn't protect you and even may hurt you due to less O2/more CO2. Yes it appears that the volume of droplets are decreased but there is very little filtering of microscopic viral particles through cloth. And it's not OK for the WHO to deem who needs a mask and who doesn't just because there aren't enough. It makes them untrustworthy in their logic as they have been all along. The rules keep changing in many ways despite what we, the people, do, and society and the economy cannot wait for the science to catch up. The information you are providing is relevant and necessary. Politics aside. Thank you! for being as neutral as you can be and providing links for further reading. Your service is invaluable.

Author — Jan Burns


I love the "STAY HEALTHY" and very informative video, thank you as always.

Author — JellyBear6


Regardless of what the CDC and WHO says, the evidence is absolutely and resoundingly clear that masks have played a huge part in the low number of cases and death in Asia especially in Taiwan and Hong Kong. And yet many people in the West still argue whether masks works. Just unbelievable...SMH.

Author — Bay Area Traveler


The pandamic"safety" measures(like social distancing, face masks, gloves, self-quarantine, etc) have NOT made people safe at all, at all. It just made people to be more racist & hateful to each other.

Author — K Ray


I wish I had half the energy you demonstrate. Thanks for all your work!

Author — sd4dfg2


@MedCram can you please make a video about people have symptoms over 2 to 3 months. Is it the virus stil in blood vessels or is it inflammation or is it auto immune.
Here's a group of such people .
And on reddit.
That's a group of atleast 3000 people, mostly young but still having symptoms. Would love to see your thoughts on it.

Author — MrGowds


From 3:33 onwards i think it is quite conclusive how much more protection we can get ourselves and give others if everyone wear a mask. WHO has to acknowledge that and be flexible. Surgical masks are always at risk of shortage in supply, but cotton and washable ones i beg to differ - they can easily be handmade. WHO the guy at the helm needs a dose of logic jab.

Author — unteroffizier


Hands down the most comprehensive information regarding Covid 19. No one else is even close to the depth and breadth of the analysis of studies and introduction of scientific data. The laser light study with masks vs no masks amazing. Y’all are the BEST! ❤️

Author — Angela Garner


i love all your videos and from the bottom of my heart thank you for doing them. the only problem i have, and have ever had with any of your videos is this part right here. the way he says "healthy" is different when wearing a mask, and not wearing a mask. i still believe we should be wearing masks yes. but i dont think he had to exaggerate during the demonstration. a real pity and shame.

Author — kc cho


Thank you!!! I've been following you since your early updates and you've been a wealth of resource. Always looking forward to another update

Author — Mauliola Watson


I have one covid question/supposition that remains unanswered: 

Since I found out that a single sneeze can release 100s of millions of viral particles; I have reasoned that getting 10s or even 100s of particles in a single dose, over a week, might be the key to being a "symptomless" antibody positive. 

This is not a theory that lends itself easily to a double blind placebo "gold standard" scientific test. It would not be that hard but I think it runs counter to the "do no harm" ethos of the medical science community. Intentionally infecting someone seems sort of "Himmlerish" I would guess or suppose that it would be subconsciously avoided by a medical professionals who did not want to become a parahas.

Author — Marvin Green