FREE GUY Trailer 2 (2021)

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A bank teller realizes he's a background character in an open world action game.

Free Guy (2021) is the new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi and Jodie Comer.

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Just show the entire movie whilst you're at it?
Seems like the trailer goes over every plot beat.

Author — TheLonelyGoomba


The ending part is the best before ryan reynolds says "they seem nice"

Author — Fried_Rize


Ok since corona isnt going anywhere so studio decided to put whole plot of the movie into a trailer that's just great

Author — santoryuu ZØRØ


Can’t freaking wait for this Ryan, let us watch it already 😂

Author — Артур Якубенко


the most immersion breaking part of this film, is the fact they say button and not key

Author — EAST-RO


Honestly, who are clicking dislike on a trailer like this?

Author — Matt Zomb


So the plot twist is he is real right? Am I the only one that got those vibes

Author — Gage Ellis


This movie is Goofy, but Ryan Reynolds can make anything work...😁

Author — Pratulya Anjas


Free guy is like 'what if a character starts to think by itself' and becomes self aware in a more advanced version of a VR video game.

Author — LVrJ100


Wow..looks different and better.. And yet I still felt a Deadpool vibe in it..😅😍😍

Author — AJ


It's going to be a great movie
I am inspired with this channel and it has inspired me create my own channel n dropped a new trailer

I love this channel honestly

Author — dream catchers trailers


the weird part is even Deadpool knows thats hes a comic book character😄 he's been seen talking to the reader many times in the comics

Author — Manish Kak


I am wanna watch this movie... Damn ...🖤🖤

Author — Guardian SM


This trailer explains the movie more than the first trailer LOL!

Author — Prince Dahiya


I think every gamer will love this movie I dont know for sure i just think

Author — _ Hisoka


I forgot about this movie this is gonna be a Good movie

Author — 33kAmI_


Plot twist: Guy is a 14 year old kid who got this game from his Grandma as a birthday present

Author — Nothing Personal.


I basically just watched the entire movie thanks dude

Author — Eliot V


Me: sees trailer
Also me: Rockstars gonna be pissed

Author — Kevin John Jacob


lmao i like how this movie was pushed back so many times its reaching a whole year

Author — Isaac