Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn : 'Let this bill pass… then we will back an election'- BBC News

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn : 'Let this bill pass… then we will back an election'- BBC News 4

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Mr Johnson's offer of an election was "a bit like an offer of an apple to Snow White from the Wicked Queen... offering the poison of a no deal".

He added: "Let this bill [to block a no deal] pass and gain Royal Assent, then we will back an election so we do not crash out."

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Brexit Season 3 sure is looking exciting, I can't wait for the next episode!

Author — Komodon Drakon


Honestly i think the chamber could have used a bit more

Author — jusfer games


Dear BBC, thankyou for allowing a comments section. ITV and channel4 news have theirs disabled.

Author — burtlangoustine1


I’ve seen year 7s act more sensible than these grown men and women in a room.

Author — Mr Kev


up until suddenly 2:13 you only THOUGHT Corbyn was being a tad aggressive...

Author — GhANeC


This is so much more lively debate than in the US Congress

I also like how they all face each other

Author — future shock


Why can’t he just read his speech...why does everyone moan after every other word he says? It’s not like we can hear what they say.

Author — Taylor T


Well at least Mr.speaker is world famous because of brexit!

Author — rohimore


Thanks Brexit: I discover the uk parliament is a kid garden worst than the Berlusconi's one.

Author — Gianmarco Serra


Britain want to join USA when leaving EU ...this is crazy

Author — Belle Nature Safaris


Public should demand a Election no vote of confidence

Author — Johnny Feve


Regardless of which political party you back, I wish our parliament was more shaped like Great Britain’s where our Senate and Representatives can directly address our President and vice-versa! Also, British parliament is so goddamn entertaining to watch!

Author — davy209


Even twisted a simple election.. Labour are toast, and they know it

Author — jali898


still waiting for that election - the bill has passed.?

Author — David


so here’s a rationale thing to do
if they can’t win over anything as the conservative party since theres so many eu supporters within a party - why wont they have the election next month and let themselves join the brexit party instead

Author — Archie


Well Corbyn labour how will they get on in a general election 60% of there hard labour followers voted out

Author — Mark Cooper


Wow, now that I know this exists, Congress is profoundly unenergetic and unpassionate by comparison lol

Author — Kyle Schaff


Corbyn is a puppet for the EU, his loyalty should be questioned.

Author — comrade RSA Incorruptible


There was so much moaning in the House of Commons that I thought it was porn

Author — Ace Of Spades


I think that they all need to learn what the meaning of leave is.

Author — Ke St