Here's What Kim Jong-Un Actually Eats In A Day

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If you really hate Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader's massively over-the-top eating habits will probably make you dislike him even more. From imported cheeses and expensive liquors to fine wines and gourmet dinners, this is what Kim Jong-Un loves to eat and drink.

The golden rule with Kim's eating habits is that if he likes something, he gorges on it to an almost inhuman degree. Take Emmenta cheese, for example. This hole-riddled Swiss cheese is best known for its sweet aroma, fruity flavor, and iconic appearance — as well as the complicated process by which it's made.

Kim loves Emmental cheese, having likely picked up a taste for it during his school days in Switzerland. In fact, he likes it so much that he had to step out of the public eye in 2014 for health reasons, which, according to the South Korean newspaper Yonhap, was an affliction of gout. Yonhap went on to report that Kim's gout was thought to be brought on by his high-calorie diet, lack of exercise, and obsession with cheese.

North Korea's government has even been known to send representatives across the world in order to better serve the state's cheese-producing infrastructure. In 2014, Pyongyang officials visited a French dairy college in an attempt to secure more fine cheeses for their country and their leader. Sadly, they were reportedly turned down. Oh, well. Watch the rest of the video to see that here's what Kim Jong-Un actually eats in a day.

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Emmental cheese | 0:14
Sushi | 1:13
Shark fin soup and Kobe steak | 2:16
Brazilian coffee | 3:09
Russian vodka | 4:06
Cristal | 4:52
Hennessy | 5:46
Bordeaux wines | 6:40
Snake wine | 7:36
Summit dinners | 8:33
Extravagant feasts | 9:15

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Ironic, hes people are dying out of hunger and hes dying from over eating hahahah the world is such comic sometimes

Author — OtakuSnake


Imagine being able to rule a country and have anything you ever wanted. Only to get killed by your crippling addiction to cheese.

Author — Mooseman


This isn’t even about what he eats in a day. This is more like what his favorite foods are lol

Author — Stevie Nguyen


Notice how he is the only fat person in his country or should i say “He was” 😗

Author — Soulxtrp


He's pigging out while the poor people are starving....what a waste of space.

Author — Annieoaks Lee


He probably eats 20 times more than the average North Korean.

Author — Aryan Ihsan


Strange how he looks like he’s going to explode, yet his people look like a bunch of walking dead

Author — Bernedette Kuteyi


He’s face looks like is about to bursts & his hands are so, over inflated looking.

Author — 11wertyh


They don’t know all the details of
His death but they do know
All the details of his food. 😂😂😂wtf

Author — 馬荷 併礼頭


YouTube recommended this to me straight after the rumours that he’s dead lmao

Author — JaydenCFC04


If he dies I’m sure his replacement will be equally evil and disgusting!

Author — Jim Leask


He drinks two bottles of cristal in a sitting? No wonder he executes everyone, he always has a hang over...

Author — Meme God


The communists ALWAYS let their own peoples starve while eating and drinking like gods!!!
And everyone believes communists are helping the poor??? Yeah sure 🤣

Author — Etienne Otto


If he continues to eat like this NK doesn’t even need a NUKE anymore . HE is the nuke

Author — ً


He doesn’t have heart problems, you’ve got to have a heart to have heart problems.

Author — MP3


Let's see, Kim Jong-Un gorges himself on cheese from Switzerland, he is a heavy smoker, he is an alcoholic, he doesn't exercise, and he has a short temper. I'm actually shocked it took this long for his health to start declining.

Author — Bacon Maken


I pray that the people of North Korea can be free. Everyone here should also.

Author — Jonathan Brunner


The problem is that everyone is too scared to tell him that it’s bad for him.

Author — Just Wayne


It took ten minutes to discuss his eating habits. That alone is sad.

Author — smh9000


His security is so high everything reported is made up.

Author — Edwin Dude