Seance Gone Wrong (Very Scary) Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera 3AM

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Seance Gone Wrong (Very Scary) Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera 3AM 4.5

Maybe performing a seance to contact the dead in a haunted location is not the best idea...........

Hunting Purgatory Episode 4: Seance Gone Wrong in abandoned coal factory at 3am suburban Pennsylvania.

In today's video we investigated this Very Scary abandoned factory with a dark and horrific past in the mountains of PA. With all the cameras rolling at 3am we picked up many signs of paranormal activity and caught some strange things on camera. Now we can definitely understand why this is one of the most haunted places in the United States. Spirits? Ghosts? Demons? You be the judge! as we take you along for these scary moments we caught on tape!

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Lord pls Protect Anyone watching Rightnow Amen

PS: Its 1 year since I Posted it

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God please protect everyone watching right now. Insha Allah

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The most terrifying thing is the amount of ads in this vid.

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“You can touch us”

*gets touched* “I’m done with this”

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“Do not try”

Mf I’m watching this because I’m never going to try

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"Touch me"
*gets touched*
"I don't like being touched"

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"are you in any pain?"
"Okay I see green, good to know"


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Ask the ghosts about the corona and ask them for the cure

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You guys stepped out of the circle that circle was there to protect you

Author — Ty 2 sleezy


First step in the building: 👃💨

“Smells like Teenage Spirit?”

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Makes the circle*
Calls the demon inside the circle*
The circle - * Am I a joke to you?*

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My Mom: even if you don't go to church you can at least pray anywhere and anytime-

Ya'll: *prays on youtube*

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Bob: “Hi I’m Bob and I live in Scranton, PA”
My Brain: The Office

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You don’t give them permission to touch you and then freak out when they do

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who's here watching when it's been a year 😅😅 May 2, 2020 😁😁

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"Toucha ma spaget."
*touches spaghet*
"Hey! Somebody toucha mah spagett!!"

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Everyone Nothing

God: lets see who is praying on youtube

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Never give a 100% permission to ghosts to touch you. Evil ghosts can interpret it as allowance to haunting you.
And you forgot to deny it. Some extremely powerful demons can go with you to your house.

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Them: “ Do not attempt playing with black magic or recreating this on your own.”
You: Wasn’t planning on it.

Me: But, but my Halloween though I’m trying to ask Papa Satan about Covid

Author — Jackdaw Goodfellow